hiatus //

by the way guys, i might go on a hiatus soon because 

1. i have exams soon and my grades haven’t been so good so i have to haul ass and pull them up

2. my mental health has been kinda off lately and im might go see a therapist

so i’ll probably be kinda busy

but i’ll tell you all when i officially go on one / this is kinda just a heads up

however!! when i do come back i’m probably gonna make a ig for this account (by the way if you all want, my ig is anteroses, just saying)

Hahaha. Nakakapressure yung mga chika nila about stem jusq haha. So dalawa nga math namin. Tas hahaha nakakaiyaq. Kakayanin ko to. Hahaha. May programming din daw and chem and physics na puro math din so hahaha. Saya. :))