: the condesce

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A while ago, splickedylit and I started a collaborative lyricstuck–she’d do sketches and flat colors, and I would paint in details–but after several months we began to realize that 1. we weren’t going to finish, and 2. the words were too spread out for the fast-paced music.  But we’re still both proud of the art so here’s what we finished with a clipped version of the song!  Hope you enjoy. 

Whenever you get said just think of sea dwellers doing stupid marine life/amphibious things like
Dualscar just automatically sticking a hook in his mouth when he sees it and needing help getting it out
The Condesce freaking out if ppl tap her glasses
Feferi not understanding the concept of a sliding glass door and bumping into it
Eridan getting excited over one of those chest shaped bubble things
Cronus flopping around like a walrus
Meenah burying herself in sand and getting stuck

All of them moving in sync like a school of fish
Give me more ridiculous seadwellers please

Remember when I was gonna do Kinstuck? Yeah me neither.

The Peixes’s are the smallest of the Humanized families, but also the richest and most awesome. Along with owning half the town, Condy runs the preferred summer hangout spot “Glub Glub Waterpark” and makes her daughters Meenah and Feferi work there during the summer (along with Cronus and Eridan, Feferi convinces Eridan to work with her every year even though he hates it, Cronus just likes scamming on cute people in swimsuits. :P)


My Aesthetic: Powerful-Angry-Bitchy-Evil-Powerful-Dominating-Conquering-Nigh-Immoral-Sexy Alien Overlord Empresses and Queens who want to kill us all.

Really sad that i couldn’t find Gifs of the last three.

Also: Picture all of them sitting around a tiny table no bigger then their ankles, they’re all siting on pillows and chatting with one another while drinking out of decorated little teacups.

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