: play their own records!

@sixpenceee This is a story for you, this literally just happened to me about an hour ago.

I got home from work today and I was singing in the bathroom while I was taking off my makeup. My boyfriend and I record covers of songs and I started to hear music from the living room so I stopped singing to listen. I was hearing a cover we did of Nutshell by Alice in Chains and I thought my voice sounded really good in this particular recording so after a few seconds when my boyfriend walked into the bathroom I asked him which specific audio he played because I liked it.

He looked at me really confused and asked “What do you mean?” I asked him again and he still looked baffled and said slowly “I was playing guitar… I could hear you singing. You sounded really good.” I just stared at him, slowly starting to realize what just transpired.

I thought my boyfriend was playing a recording because I could hear my own voice, or something like it. He thought I was singing from the bathroom for the same exact reason except I wasn’t singing. I don’t know who or what was. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around this, although I am not particularly surprised as weird things seem to gravitate towards me.


Make Me Choose: @junkerbutt asked Garrus Vakarian or Jaal Ama Darav?

so…in August when we released HTBAHB….we threw a special party with the characters from the album and a small group of friends, family and fans in LA at the legendary Village Studios with TUMBLR…where some of our heroes made some of our favourite records. Beach Boys, The Doors, John Lennon, Fleetwood Mac, Dr Dre & Snoop Dogg. While we were there, we made a little record of our own. We played a few of the new songs during the party, and we recorded them through the same equipment our heroes used. we mixed and mastered it digitally for spotify. and im excited to announce that it is released TODAY. I hope you enjoy. it was an amazing evening that I’ll never forget.

Imagine a Himchan solo album he self produced and composed and all the instruments recorded are his own playing. Like it’d have soft gushy cute ballads with really soft piano tunes and violin solos, and heavier songs with guitar solos and a funky jam with him whaling on a Janggu. And then end it with Sexy Clap with DJ Bbang… 


Request: 14. You are seated next to your bias on a plane with Hansol from svt?

Member: Seventeen’s Vernon x Y/N

Type: Fluff

“Are you going to eat that?” hummed the sleepy voice of the stranger beside you. 

You jumped at his words, looking up from the book you had laying open in your lap. You blinked slowly, taking in the new development that had occurred in your fairly uneventful flight. 

When you had first boarded the plain to Korea, you had landed in your seat, extremely nervous about the hours before you. It was your first international flight and you had no idea what to expect. You had leaned over to the young man in the window seat, his face hidden by a baseball cap, and began introducing yourself. Your mouth moved independently from your thoughts, the nerves taking over your words as they escaped from your lips with a speed you didn’t know you were capable of. 

After speaking for what was at least an interval of five minutes, your words finally slowed, realizing that the guy beside you hadn’t looked up from the window he was leaning against during your whole one sided conversation. You eased forward, waving your hand lightly before his partially shielded face, coming to the conclusion that he was asleep. 

And had been during the entire duration of your speech. 

You sighed as you leaned back again, grumbling to yourself. You quickly came to the understanding that you were very much alone for this flight. 

That was why when you heard his deep and accented English, you jumped, almost having forgotten that he was there at all. 

“Um…I’m sorry?” you hummed, furrowing your brows. He readjusted his cap, setting it further up on his forehead so you could now see his handsome face. You felt your eyes widen, shocked by how attractive he was. 

“Are you going to eat that?” he repeated, pointing to the small bag of snacks on your tray. You looked back at him, shaking your head in silence. He grinned and reached over without any reservations, ripping into the small bag of pretzels. “Did I miss the meal?”

“Uh…no,” you said slowly, still mildly stumped by him. He had been asleep for the majority of the flight. With roughly three hours in the air left before you, you had assumed he would just sleep the entire time. 

You watched him carefully as he chewed, while he did the opposite. He was fidgety and avoided eye contact. Whenever your eyes happened to trail past each other, his cheeks would break out into a deep blush and he would immediately look out of the window again. 

“It’s rude to stare,” he muttered, a bashful grin on his face as he looked down to his lap. 

“To be honest I’m kind of amazed you’re alive,” you chuckled, finally looking away from him. “I thought about sticking a mirror under your nose to make sure you were still breathing.”

The young man looked at you, eyes wide and mouth slightly ajar. 

“Oh come on, you can laugh,” you sighed. “It was a little funny.”

After a few moments of silence the guy nodded, letting out a small and forced laugh. “I’m Vernon by the way. Or Hansol. Whatever you prefer.”

“Those are two very different names,” you nodded. “How do they relate at all?”

“Hansol is my Korean name,” he smiled. “Vernon is my middle name…and stage name.”

“I’m Y/N,” you said, finally getting to introduce yourself. “And I’m sorry…your stage name?”

Vernon’s eyebrows rose, his expression suddenly filing with excitement. “Yeah! I’m a rapper!”

“…and you picked Vernon…as your rapper name?” you said slowly, not quite following. 

“Well…yeah!” he gasped. “Why?”

“I mean…it doesn’t have the street cred I expected of a rapper’s name,” you hummed, tilting your head in thought. “No offense…I mean, I’m sure you’re a wonderful rapper, but-”

“Let me show you my mixtape!” he gasped, cutting you off and beginning to dig in his pocket. He pulled out his phone and a pair of headphones, unwinding them quickly. 

“No, really, I-” you began. 

“It’s lit!” Vernon insisted, thrusting a headphone into your ear. As soon as his fingers hit your skin, he retracted them, another deep blush painting his cheeks. “Sorry.”

“Uh…it’s fine,” you trailed, readjusting the earbud. 

“This song is called Lotto,” he nodded, bopping along to the opening beat. You nodded as well, thoroughly surprised by the quality and caliber of the young man’s rapping. He began to whisper rap beside you, becoming his own hype man as the recording played. 

“You’re voice rides the beat well,” you nodded. “You have good flow.”

“Thanks,” he grinned, finally pausing the song on his phone. You gingerly removed the earbud and smiled in return. “I’m actually in a group called Seventeen.”

“A group of rappers?” you asked dumbly. “Are you aware your named after an American teen magazine? Are there seventeen of you?”

Vernon looked down into his lap and exhaled a deep breath. You suddenly felt guilty about your innocent question. 

“We aren’t named after the magazine…that’s just a coincidence,” he grumbled. “And no, there are thirteen of us.”

“I’m afraid I’m not following,” you whispered. Then again, you hand’t necessarily been following for the majority of this conversation. 

“There are thirteen members, three units, vocal, hiphop, and performance. And we are one team. Seventeen,” he nodded. 

“Sounds like a stretch,” you muttered, turning back to the book in your lap. 

“So maybe there were seventeen members and things didn’t go as planned,” he hissed quickly. “But you didn’t hear it from me.”

You looked up with lifted brows as Vernon looked over his shoulder, seemingly anticipating an attack from somewhere or someone. 

“That makes more sense,” you nodded, smiling at him. He smiled in return, shaking his head before he redirected his attention back to his phone. 

“So what’s your opinion on J.Co-” he began but was almost immediately cut off by a ding noise, signifying the captain was about to speak. 

“Ladies and gentleman, please take a seat and fasten your safety belts. We will be experiencing a small amount of turbulence shortly.” 

You bit your lip, your gaze trailing over to Vernon. You didn’t know if you were comforted or terrified by his equally as upset expression. Both of you looked up as the intercom dinged again and the safety belt light brightened above your heads. You looked down, adjusting the thick fabric that would keep you safely within your seat. Vernon did the same before reaching over and clutching your hand. 

“Oh, sorry,” he whispered, immediately retracting his fingers. His face was bright red as he avoided eye contact. 

“It’s-oh my god,” you hissed, just as the plane began to shake. You reached over, clutching Vernon;s hand first this time. He looked up in surprise, but immediately looked away and out of the window again. Neither of you let go as your fingers intertwined, unsure of who was cutting off the circulation from the other. 

The plane bumped along violently, dropping abruptly as you cruised across the sky. The turbulence was continuous, hardly giving up for even a moment. You closed your eyes, trying to ignore the queasy feeling taken over your stomach. You hissed out a breath, assuring yourself that you were much too frightened to be sick. 

“I’m going to vomit,” Vernon whispered, his thoughts mirroring yours. 

You cracked your eyes, looking over to him in your peripherals. “You are not. So help me Vernon.”

Rain slapped across the small window separating you from the night sky. The clouds lit up, suddenly brightened by the appearance of lightning. The passengers around you remained deadly silent, expecting the worst out of the situation you all had ended up in. 

“Have you ever seen final destination?” Vernon whispered, his knuckles white beside yours. 

“Shut up Vernon,” you spat.  

 The woman behind you began to recite quiet prayers in Korean as the plane tilted, violently jumping alongside the clouds. Her reassuring words were quickly overshadowed by the howling winds rushing past the large aircraft. Realistically the turbulence had only been going on for about two minutes, but it felt like an eternity. 

But the funny thing with flying is, just as quickly as it had begun, it was over. The entire cabin of the plane erupted into laughter and applause, breathing a sigh of relief collectively as you coasted along the puffy clouds again. 

“Good thing we didn’t panic,” Vernon nodded, sliding his hand from yours. He flexed his fingers and nodded to himself, looking at you kindly. 

“Sure,” you grumbled, noting that you had lost all feeling in your hand and began to shake it out as well. 

“But anyway, I was saying,” Vernon sighed, pulling out his phone again. “Do you like J.Cole? Or should we listen to some more of my mixtape?”

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Very Much (Ben Platt X Reader)

WC: 2309

Warnings: Fluff, jealousy, I think that’s about it

Summary: Y/N and Ben worked on Pitch Perfect together, and consequently fell in love with each other. Unfortunately, neither of them knew, and all it takes is Will Connolly and some slight jealousy to unearth those feelings.

Tagged: @lildipstick @bellasabb

A/N: Here it is for the anons who requested this plot!

Hey Y/N!“ Ben shouted, waving at me aggressively. I chuckled and waved back, watching the smile on his face widen.

"Hey Ben! What’s up?” I called back, walking over towards him. Ben took out his phone and I raised an eyebrow at him.

“Just… look at this.” Ben said, passing me his phone. I rolled my eyes and looked down at the screen, gasping when I saw what he pulled up.

“You’re kidding.” I muttered and Ben shook his head, pointing at the screen.

“They released it this morning. Naturally, I bought it first thing.” Ben said and I laughed in disbelief.

“Dude. We have to listen to this. This is the Book of Mormon cast recording.” I said and Ben nodded eagerly, taking his phone back.

“Maybe we can get Skylar as well. He’ll probably be into this.” Ben said, shoving his phone back in his pocket.

“The man was literally in the OBC of Spring Awakening. He’ll be into this.” I said and Ben chuckled, nodding aggressively.

“Then let’s go get our boy.” Ben said, throwing an arm around my shoulders. I felt my cheeks heat up at the contact, but I smiled to myself.

I shook my head slightly, trying to shake away the memory. I still had a
slight crush on Ben, and sometimes I would just randomly think about him.

I rolled my eyes, pressing play on my music. I chuckled slightly as the opening notes to I Love Play Rehearsal flooded my headphones.

It was strange hearing my own voice on a recording, but I kept the song on as I walked into the building where the read through was happening.

My agent had sent me a call telling me that there was this new Pasek and Paul project that was doing a reading, and they specifically requested me.

“Hello hello!” I called, noticing a few familiar faces turn my way as I entered.

“It’s Y/N!” Justin said, getting up and pulling me into a hug. I chuckled and hugged him back, taking my headphones out.

“Hey Justin. How are you?” I said once he’d let go of me. Justin smiled and gestured for me to sit down.

“I’m good, I’m good. I’m glad you could make it.” Justin said as I sat down and I smiled widely at him.

“So am I. I’ll have to be back in Jersey for tonight’s show though.” I said and Justin chuckled, leaning back in his chair.

“How is it working with Iconis?” Justin asked and I went to respond, but I heard another voice. An all too familiar voice.

“Y/N Y/L/N?” I stood up and saw Ben Platt standing there, a shocked look on his face.

He was definitely taller than the last time I’d seen him, and he’d gotten a haircut as well.

“I, um, hi.” I stammered, feeling my cheeks heat up. Ben chuckled and stretched out his arms, pulling me into a tight hug.

“It’s been so long! How are you? I heard that you’re in a show over in Jersey now.” Ben said after he broke the hug.

“I’m doing pretty well, and I am in a show in Jersey. I’m playing Christine Canigula in Be More Chill. It’s actually really fun.” I said and Ben smiled widely, running a hand through his hair.

“That’s awesome. I was actually in the Book of Mormon recently. And by recently I mean my last performance was last night.” Ben said and I gasped, my jaw dropping low.

“Oh my god! That’s incredible! I remember the day the cast recording came out. We were working on a Pitch Perfect.” I said and Ben’s eyes widened, a smile crossing his face.

“That’s right! We totally freaked out.” Ben said, a nostalgic look crossing his face.

“Looks like you two finally got reintroduced.” Justin said and we both turned around to face him.

“I guess.” Ben muttered, scratching the back of his neck. Justin rolled his eyes before passing the both of us a script.

“Here you go. This is what we’ve got so far. Have a quick flick through.” Justin said, before walking off to go talk to a tall guy with long hair who’d just walked in.

I chuckled when I saw the character list, noticing that the name Zoe Murphy had been highlighted, and Y/N!! was written next to it.

“Looks like I’m Zoe.” I said to Ben pointing to my script. Ben glanced over and chuckled, before showing me his script. The same thing had been done, except it was to the name Evan Hansen.

Soon the entire prospective cast had arrived, and we read through the script together. It flowed surprisingly well for something that wasn’t complete yet, and I found myself in love with it.

This reading was followed up with a few more, and before we knew it we were doing our first previews in DC.

“Yo Y/L/N!” Will said, waltzing into the shared dressing room with a smirk on his face.

“Hey Will. What’s up?” I said, putting my phone away. Will shrugged his shoulders, and I gave him a weird look.

“Nothing much. Quick question. There’s a tall guy out the front who claims he knows you. Something about New Jersey.” Will said and I gasped, standing up.

“Oh my god. That’s Will Connolly. We worked together on Be More Chill. Let him in!” I said, excitedly clapping my hands.

Will chuckled, shaking his head at my enthusiasm. “I’m clearly the superior Will, but whatever.” He muttered, walking out of the dressing room.

I made my way out and saw the familiar frame of one of my closest friends, who I unfortunately hadn’t seen in a couple of months.

“Will!” I shouted, and Will’s head whipped around, a smile crossing his face. He rushed over to me and wrapped his arms around me, lifting me off the ground slightly.

“What’re you doing in DC?” I asked, looking him up and down, my eyes wide with shock.

“I heard that you were in a new show here, and I happened to be visiting mom when I found out. Congrats, by the way.” Will said, kissing the top of my head.

“Thanks beanpole. It’s so good to see you!” I exclaimed, hugging him once more. Will chuckled and hugged back, squeezing my torso.

Suddenly I heard someone clear their throat and I turned around to see Ben standing there in full costume.

“Y/N. Who, uh, who’s this?” Ben asked, gesturing to Will. I snaked an arm around Will’s waist and smiled up at him, missing the disgusted look that crossed Ben’s face.

“This is my wonderful crane of a friend Will Connolly. He was in Be More Chill with me. He played Jeremy.” I said, squeezing Will’s waist.

“Oh, ok. Awesome.” Ben muttered, and I frowned slightly, wondering why his mood had shifted all of a sudden.

He walked away and I watched him with a curious look on my face. “That was weird. He’s never like this normally.” I said to Will reassuringly, retracting my arm from around his waist.

“It’s all good Y/N. I just thought I’d let you know that I’ll be at the show tonight. And I’ll be letting all the other guys from BMC know about this. I still can’t believe you didn’t tell us.” Will said, shaking his head slightly.

“I’m sorry! I just got so caught up with everything, especially when I was doing BMC at night and working on this during the day.” I said and Will chuckled, leaning down to kiss my cheek.

“Hey, it’s all good. I’m gonna head off now, but I’ll see you tonight. I bet you’ll be amazing.” Will said and I felt my cheeks heat up a little.

“It’s all the rehearsals. You know how much I love rehearsal.” I said and Will snorted, a grin stretching across his face.

“God, I missed you. See ya Y/N!” Will said, waving at me as he walked away. I let out a sigh, but a cough from someone made me jump out of my skin.

“Jesus Christ, Roland!” I shouted, glaring at him as he smirked at me.

“Was he your boyfriend?” Will asked, gesturing towards Will’s fading figure with his head. My cheeks flushed pink, and Will’s smirk grew in size.

“He’s not my boyfriend. I mean, sure, we played boyfriend and girlfriend, but we’re not actually dating.” I stammered, waving my hands about.

“That’s good.” Will muttered and I looked at him quizzically, my eyebrows furrowed.

“If you kiss me right now, I will rip your balls off.” I said and Will snorted, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

“Easy Y/L/N. It’s not me who that’s good for.” Will said, leaning against the wall. I frowned in confusion, not entirely sure what he meant.

“Is it Mike? Because that’s kinda weird. He’s like my brother.” I said and Will sighed, placing his hands on my shoulders.

“It’s Ben! That boy has had a thing for you since god knows when and… I was not supposed to tell you that.” Will said, noticing the shocked expression on my face.

“Now I know why he was acting so weird before.” I muttered, running a hand through my hair. Will nodded, taking his hands off my shoulders.

“I’ll be back. I’m gonna go find Ben.” I said and Will smiled, saluting me as I walked away.

I jogged towards the one place I know Ben goes when he needs to think, or cool off. The fire escape.

“Ben!” I shouted, noticing his hunched figure sitting there. He turned around to face me, a sour look on his face.

“Y/N. What are you doing here?” Ben said, his voice harsher than usual. I winced at the change in sound and sat down next to him, looking out at DC.

“You looked a bit off, and I know that this is where you go if you’re not feeling so flash.” I said, resting my head on my hands.

Ben chuckled darkly and stood up, brushing off his pants. “Well, you were right that I’m not feeling great, but I’d rather be alone right now.” Ben said and I inhaled sharply.

“Ben… I’m worried about you. You’re my closest friend.” I said, reaching out to put an arm on Ben’s shoulder, but he wrenched away.

“Closest friend. That’s all I’ll ever be.” Ben muttered, his eyes boring holes into the ground. I winced at my choice of words and took in a deep breath.

“Do you remember the first time we met? We were on set for Pitch Perfect and you tripped over when you went to introduce yourself to me?” I said suddenly, and Ben looked up at me curiously.

“Yeah, I do.” He muttered, wringing his hands slightly. I let out a sigh, my hands trembling at my sides.

“That was the day I fell in love with you.” I whispered, and Ben’s head snapped up, his eyes wide.

“You, I, uh, what?” He stuttered, clearly unable to form coherent sentences. I nodded, my cheeks going bright red.

“I’ve been in love with you for at least 3 years, but I could never tell you. Will, Roland that is, came up to me and told me that you felt the same, and I decided that I finally had to man up.” I said, tears welling in my eyes.

Ben chuckled softly, and he stepped closer to me, taking one of my hands in his.

“Of course you make a reference to the Book of Mormon when you’re telling me you love me.” Ben said, bringing my hand up to his lips and kissing it softly.

My breath hitched in my throat, and I gave him a sheepish smile. “I’m a nerd. What more can I say?” I said, watching Ben intently as he dropped my hand.
“Would now be a good time to say that I’m also in love with you?” Ben said, his breath hitting my face as he spoke.

I nodded meekly, looking up at him with wide eyes and flushed cheeks. Ben shot me a half smile, his eyes sparkling.

He leaned forward and our lips connected, butterflies forming in my stomach. I ran my fingers through his hair, and Ben let out a gasp.

I moved my hands down to cup his cheeks, his skin hot against my fingers. Ben’s hands sat on my waist, and it felt a little weird because he had his cast on.

I pulled away and leaned my forehead against his, noticing that there were a few freckles dusted across his cheeks.

“To think this all happened because you were jealous of my ex co-star.” I muttered and Ben’s cheeks went a flaming red colour.

“I, uh, I wasn’t jealous.” Ben squeaked, his fingers drumming slightly on my back.

“Yeah, yeah. Of course you weren’t.” I said, pecking his lips briefly. He kissed back eagerly, and pouted when I pulled away.

“We should probably head back inside. They’re gonna want us for hair and makeup and stuff.” Ben said and I nodded, taking my forehead off his.

I took ahold of one of his hands, enjoying the warmth that flooded through me when I did.

We walked through the corridors of the theatre and suddenly heard clapping. We whirled around and saw a very smug looking Will Roland, a wide smirk on his face.

“Congratulations you two.” Will said, clapping Ben on the back before walking off to his dressing room. My cheeks went pink and Ben squeezed my hand reassuringly.

“I love you.” I murmured, pressing a kiss to Ben’s burning cheek. He smiled bashfully at me, his eyes shining bright.

“I love you too. I love you very, very much.”

Ryan Adams’s Latest Album Is Full of Pain, but He Still Calls It “a Celebration”
He shares his thoughts on pinball machines, divorce, leaving New York, and coming back again.
By Lisa Robinson

Why did you cover Taylor Swift’s entire 1989 album?

“I was in New York at Electric Lady Studios, and being back and in that zone opened me up. I wrote so many songs [for Prisoner]—there are still 22 that people don’t know yet and are much more fucked up—but I was getting tired of playing my own stuff. Taylor’s my friend—she and I had recorded a song together that no one’s ever heard—and I wanted to know how far she went from acoustic to her finished songs. I wanted to break it back down to the acoustic. It took five or six days and never stopped being fun. Plus it was kind of cathartic, because her words were actually matching shit I was going through.”


And you’re still sober?

“Yes. I don’t take drugs, I don’t drink… I haven’t smoked cigarettes in about 10 years and I smoked for 20. I mean, I smoke some weed, but that’s like salad.“

More tunes from seemingly obscure games no one ever really talks about, featuring Mormo’s Theme from Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology; the first and only Tales game I’ve ever played (wishes so badly I could play 2 & 3………so badly you have no idea) Also the first game I played with the Linear Motion Battle System which I love. Obviously I can’t capture it right but it’s the best I can do so far.

I love this buttwing-cat.

Do you ever read a book with a really great romance and start crying over the fact that you’ve never been kissed

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The Xenoblade crew and their experiences with playing Overwatch.

I know next to nothing about Overwatch, so I let admin stahlfucker take care of these!

 He’s really versatile and doesn’t main anyone, but his most played is Tobjorn.

He only plays tanks, but mostly Reinhardt.

She’s versatile too but she mains Genji. She’s the nicest one you’ll ever play with and never asks for healing. 

She’s a violent Ana main. Will switch to Sombra if the need arises.

He’s the meanest Hanzo you’ll ever play against.

She mains Mercy becuse she thinks they have a similar fighting style. She refuses to use the gun and insteads melees with the staff.

He can’t play because of hands/wings, but Melia will play for him. She’ll hold the remote and he’ll put his wings above her hands so he can feel like he’s playing. He’s the ultimate backseat gamer.


Rob Lowe did an AMA today and I learned that he did one last year, so I went to check it out. I’m sobbing. 

“I cried like a baby the day I said goodbye to Tommy Howell when the movie finished. We shared the same room, we did everything together, he was and I still consider him to be a true brother of mine. And Swayze was the archetypal older brother whom you could never live up to. Swayze was you know, a decade older, and so much more accomplished, and as a person, was one of those people who was great at so many different things, whether it was horseback riding, he was a classically trained ballet dancer, he recorded his own music and could play guitar, there was nothing that guy literally couldn’t do.”

Ready [ Bucky Barnes drabble]

warnings: some smut (more like making out)

Playing the slowest, most harmonious records he owned as loudly as he could in his room meant only one thing for people who knew him.

His hands left scorching trails of heat behind as it moved furiously up and down your back. Tongues clashed, mouths pushing against each other, beads of perspiration building up on your forehead as you did anything to get closer to each other.

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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: The Monkees was a group made of truly talented musicians who were used unfairly by Kirshner as a way to feed his own ego. There was absolutely no reason to keep them from playing their own instruments in the recording studio. Even if the producers wanted only for them to sing pop songs that had already been written for them, there would have been a lot less tension if they had been allowed to at least record the music themselves. And why shouldn't they be allowed to write their own music in addition to using the pop songs to sell? Every single thing Mike wrote was excellent, and Randy Scouse Git and everything they did after Kirshner just proves that they certainly had the ability to be a band. They were a band. Yes, they were hired and put together to act as a band on tv - they were manufactured - but they did become a real band and they made valuable contributions to music. I can't argue that each member had a distinct sound because they WERE strangers coming from different music backgrounds when they met, but that made them even more interesting, and I think Kirshner was an egotistical asshole who derived personal pleasure from keeping them from making their own music.

wonder girls were so commited to their music, they spent at least 10 hours everyday to rehearse during their hiatus, they produced their own music and even played their own instruments during the recording of their latest album i’m gonna miss them and their greatness so much

(@insanegoldie2 here you go)

His head is pounding to the rhythm of his heart, a sluggish legatto that steals away his ability to concentrate. He tries to read the book in his lap but his trembling fingers keep losing their place and the bumps on the page feel less and less like words. The Host grumbles and snaps the book shut, shoving it aside in favor of his tape recorder.

He presses play and lets his own voice wash over him, though he hardly pays attention, his notes already well memorized. It’s better than the lonely silence of his room he decides, though it’s no substitute for the melodious strains of his violin. The Host buries himself further into the the blankets, grateful that at least the warm ray of sun peeking through the window and onto his cheek doesn’t aggravate his headache. He’s almost fallen into a tranquil doze when the door creaks open and a familiar presence fills the entrance. He groans and pulls the covers onto his face.

“Oh don’t be dramatic, you’re not dying”, says Dr. Iplier, the exasperation in his tone doing nothing to hide the overwhelming fondness veiled beneath.

He closes the door softly behind him and walks deeper into the room, cautious of the books scattered haphazardly on the floor. One would think the Host would be neater about his space. Dr. Iplier hums as he checks the Host’s temperature, relieved that it’s not as bad as that morning.

“Would you stay?” the Host asks, voice quiet.

Dr. Iplier smiles, eyes rivaling the warmth of the sun. He has the Host scoot over and slips into the bed, arm looping around the Host’s waist. The Host rests his head on Dr. Iplier’s chest. It’s a comfortable arrangement and they both fall asleep to each other’s smile.


On this day in music history: June 24, 1967 - “Headquarters”, the third studio album by The Monkees hits #1 on the Billboard Top 200 for 1 week. Produced by Chip Douglas (aka Douglas Farthing Hatlelid), it is recorded at RCA Music Center of the World Studios, Studio C in Hollywood, CA from February 23 - March 22, 1967. By early 1967, The Monkees are at loggerheads with Screen Gems, the company responsible for producing their hit television series. Though highly successful, the band are unhappy (especially Mike Nesmith and Peter Tork who are both accomplished musicians) at having virtually no creative input or being allowed to play on their records. They lobby for and win the right to play on their own records, which leads to the ouster of series music supervisor Don Kirshner. The Monkees lock themselves in the recording studio for four weeks while working on their third album. Writing most of the material included on the LP, many of the songs are worked out while jamming together live in the studio. No singles are released in the US, but spins off a major hit single in the UK with the Micky Dolenz penned “Randy Scouse Git” (re-titled “Alternate Title”) (#2 UK). The album is another major success for the band, quickly rising to number one, but is bumped from the top spot by The Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” the following week, spending an additional eleven weeks in the runner up position. In time, it is regarded as one of The Monkees best albums. “Headquarters” is certified 2x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.