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Yall ever feel like you put so much energy into stanning these celebrities and feel such a genuine love and care for them that they’ve become a part of your daily life to the point where just hearing about them makes you happy? And when they go through hard times or feel like they’re not worthy of happiness you feel it deep down in your soul, wanting nothing more than their joy even if you haven’t achieved that in your life because you feel you’ve formed indescribable bond with them since you relate to some of the things theyre going through. And even though you stan them because of their talent and personality, even though you love their work and what they stand for there’s a part of you that feels maybe you show them so much devotion because that’s all you ever wanted in your own life and you felt you could supplement it through becoming a fan?

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Kpop Fans

As London Tipton

When you don’t know the choreography but the song lit.

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I mean…this speaks for itself. 

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When you randomly find a video that’s been subbed and you’ve never seen it.

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When you watch a video without subs and still enjoy yourself.

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When you realize that even though Kpop is popular it’s hard finding people who like it too.

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*watching a kpop video*

Normal People: They are really good looking.

Me: They were sculpted by the Gods. Their parents deserve an award for making such wonderful beings. The world doesn’t deserve them. I’ll tell my grand kids about them one day. Such treasures shouldn’t be enjoyed alone.

Normal People:

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I’m only wishing him Happy Birthday because he said we had to. Totally won’t celebrate his 28 years of living including his 6 years of being Block b’s precious lead vocalist….. Have I mentioned that on top of being having a recognized & loved voice in Korea, he’s also the owner to over 2000 fishes, whom he raises himself. His laugh can also sound like the purest giggle, or a sound you just want to mute for the rest of eternity (in Jaehyo’s case). Did I also forget to mention that I love him so much?…..because I didn’t want to mention that anyways…..