: b.a.p

Can we just take a moment to appreciate our tall bean? Junhong works so hard to grow and develop as an artist, staying up late in the night working on music and practicing his dance and rap, he worries and stresses so often about never being good enough, and he lets us in on the constantly turmoil he’s in from the stress of it all. Zelo debuted as a 15 year old who had been constantly told he’d never be good enough, who was so insecure of his chin that he’d wear masks constantly for almost a year straight just to hide it, who hadn’t even finished middle school when he was first put on stage. He grew up in front of us, and he grew up well, into someone whose respectful, kind, and open. Someone who despite being talked over, ignored, or brushed off and despite all the harsh feelings inside him, brings lightness and silliness into everything he does. I feel like we don’t spend enough time loving and being proud of our tall bean, let’s add a little more jelly-love to our conversations

Everyone has a right to their own emotions and opinions about this new group TS is making.

Emotions aren’t good or bad, they just are. But how we act on them is what will sway to “good” or “bad.”

Direct your frustration at TS’s main page. Please do not go onto the artists’ SNS pages to voice your thoughts. Please do not go to the artist managers’ pages. Please, please, please focus on getting anything you feel or want to say through to the main TS account and appropriate administrative staff (should anyone decide to send letters or something idk).

This isn’t fair to Secret, Untouchable, B.A.P, Sonamoo, or this New Generation group. This is about the whole company dropping every ball for all of their artists.

Stay strong. Stay happy. Blue is coming soon and we all should try to remain ready to support B.A.P all we can. B.A.P will not be pushed aside or forgotten so easily. We’ll all make sure of that.

We may be called Baby but we are all also a fandom of Warriors.

With love,

The Admins of thatssobap