: a comedy

Freddy turns his head left, and holds it there for a second.

Deciding it was so much fun last time, he teleports it to the right just so he can turn left again.

Cut to closeup.

Inspired by Freddy’s head choices, Daphne combines it all into one motion:

Right, left, and right once again. Glorious.

All this and more is at your fingertips in the all-new Fred ‘n’ Daphne’s Teleportationeck™ workout tape – available everywhere quality fictional VHS tapes are sold.


So what does that make him now? The thing that he had was his intelligence, and his ability to trick people, and outsmart people. And so he doesn’t have that anymore, so what is there? 

noe is a bartender at the establishment in which ian & donovan work. he is friends w donovan. he is v wary of ian & feels like hes the only one who can see that ian is alarmingly erratic and possibly? dangerous? ian can sense how cautious noe is around him & tries to buddy up & be a “normal guy” around him but it never works

Seven's Crazy Idea (yes, another one)
  • Seven: This is a romantic comedy!
  • Seven: Which means, MC and I are the main characters that fall in love!
  • Zen: Then what is everyone else?
  • Seven: The homosexual support cast.
  • Jumin: Well, does Jumin Han is gay now.