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I’m honesty getting really angry, there’s a huge test tomorrow in math on trig values and stuff and I don’t, I don’t get it,,, and I know this sheet I’m doing is extra credit but I really need the boost in my grade, but I’ve been working on it for like four hours now and I still don’t…. get it………..

there’s.. so many things i want to know ask louis about like does he kick his socks off when falling asleep and does he like to watch the stars and which candle scent reminds him of home the most and does he ever write his dreams down or keep a diary and is there a song he listens to when he can’t sleep and does he enjoy something from classical music and does he like to cloudgaze and is he a sunset or sunrise person and what would he do if he were invisible and i am also glad we don’t know everything because the world does not deserve him but why am i not his friend