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anonymous asked:

Who are the best players to follow on either twitter or Instagram?

BizNasty is an absolute must

Roberto Luongo is hilarious 

Bobby Ryan can be pretty funny with his responses sometimes 

Ilya Bryzgalov doesn’t tweet often but when he does they are A+

Carey Price is still your moms favorite 

TJ Oshie because who doesn’t want to see little Lyla

Brandon Prust has quite entertaining stories 

Beau Bennett has some legendary tweets

David Booth is a goon 

Eddie Lack is following his lover Luongo’s footsteps on twitter

Ryan Kesler because who doesn’t think Ryker is the cutest NHL kid ?!

James Neal because #AskNeal

Also for a good laugh the parody account Sidney Crosby’s Ego is funny no matter who you cheer for 

and TSN Bob McKenzie has the fastest updates from around the league news as far as trades, fines, rumors, ect. 

As far as Instagram goes (these are their names on it): 

biznasty, emalkin71geno, erikkarlssonek65, jamiebenn14, kletang_58, nicha43 (Val Nichushkin) subbanator, tseguin92, agally94, jacobtrouba 

jnealsy-deactivated20150314 asked:

what's your pens tattooo:O im willing to seee!

here is where you can see all my tattoos, they are all pics of them right after I got them so they are kinda red/raw. The Sid one is just the number right now but literally next weekend I am adding Sid’s signature I got when I met him and also the Pens logo to make it a full foot tattoo.
I’ll post updates after :)))))