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my favourite genre of youtube video is animated wolf oc series i have nothing but respect for often teenagers deciding to create 20+ minutes of fully rendered animation with a full team and voice cast with no formal training. i wish i had that kind of dedication 

aforestchorus  asked:

hey jack, do you have any tips for staying motivated in school?

Try to take things as they come and not let them build up or they will overwhelm you and it’s hard get back on track then. 

Also it sounds dumb but try to enjoy classes. I used to fucking HATE classes in school because I can’t pay attention or sit still ever (shocker!) so it made school hard and projects or homework would pile up.

thegaytrex  asked:

Do you really have an in depth canon theory about how the whole anti thing works or are you just going with what your fans theorize about?

Not fully but I have a fair idea of what he is and where he came from in my head. I don’t think I’d ever make that THE lore. It would ruin the whole thing if I imposed my thoughts too much so we try to keep it ambiguous while also making it go somewhere.