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me whenever something goes wrong in world of warcraft despite knowing full well christ metzen was sent to a blizzard farm upstate where he can roam free and play with other orc fans months ago: thanks metzen

remember when you’d be in your computer room at school in 2004 and there would just be rows of big bulky square screens and some would have those slightly rounded glass screens and some would have a bluey white screen brightness and some would have a beigey yellow screen brightness and you’d be like nice we’re in the computer room life is good and then the person next to you was on microsoft word making their title out of that dark green wordart font with the pale dark green shadow and you’d be like WTF………..

You know that feeling? Even though you’re on break from school, and you don’t have anything due for a week, your brain is still like: ???BUT WE HAVE TO DO THAT THING!!!

What thing? There is no thing! Let me rest!!!

This, America, this is what you do to your next generation. You’ve ruined a perfectly good human. Look at me. I’ve got anxiety.

Parents, what’s the most absurd thing you’ve found on your kid’s social media?

My step son is 7. Found a bunch of searches for:

Dominicans with no hands and feet.

Dominicans with no heads.

Dominican chests.

Dominican torsos.

Dominican legs.

Dominicans in stores.

Dominicans for sale.

Silver Dominicans.

Black Dominicans.

White Dominicans.

I was at a loss of how to bring it up to him. Thankfully, the next day we were in a clothing store and he asked me why Dominicans don’t have hands or heads, then why there are so many different colored Dominicans. I remembered the internet searches and became a little upset. I told him to be quiet because what he was saying could be taken offensively by Dominican people. He then got frustrated and loudly said “Dominicans aren’t people” as he pointed to a statue next to us.

I breathed a sigh of relief and said “Mannequins”.

in recent years the internet has really become a place for people to spread non-media regulated information and for social justice movements to find their footing. i cannot stop thinking about how this is probably a huge huge reason why net neutrality has been on the chopping block so frequently lately. they want to control what we see because they want to make sure their authority isn’t questioned and they want to make sure people can’t unite. it’s scary.

hey no offense but why does he have his dick out everyone else is wearing clothes and this guy is out here with his nuts and everything put on some pants you fucking weirdo

getting rid of net neutrality would actually be really good because the cable companies could make more money and then they would raise wages and that would trickle down and stimulate the economy leading to an expansionary period. just a thought. (I have a degree from business school)