Though I was sad myself when Jessica left and loved her to bits and pieces, I’ve gotten over it. Many haven’t themselves, but I just find it so funny now how people look back at when the news came out and treated it like when the twin towers just fell. 9/11 was tragic itself also, but come on, “We will never forget 9/30,” lmao.. Maybe because they’re in the same month.. Also, Bush did 9/11

MechaCon XI Watercolor Commission, No. 2 ~ Akane (Zero Escape: 999

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And I am officially done with all of my MechaCon commissions! =D Just in time for vacation! Woohoo~ SEE YOU IN TWO WEEKS EVERYBODY! I’ll hopefully have some vacation doodles to share when I return! 

unmitigatedwhimsy asked:

This has maybe already been asked, but what's the other $1500 for? You're hoping to raise $5000 but only said what $3500 would be used for. Good luck with the fundraising!

It’s a typo I think! The biggest of the money will be for me to be able to pay a rent, internet bill and food for a month so I can quietly focus on posting as much art as I can in the meantime + to move to Canada you gotta have minimum $2500 on your bank account as a guarantee you can take care of yourself once you’re here ! :)

Thank you!

Yamok Sauce

Yamok sauce, that beloved Cardassian condiment which goes with everything from asparagus to sand peas, and also useful to trade for self-sealing stembolts (DS9: Progress). I can understand its popularity and the need to have vast quantities of it around - although perhaps not as much as Jake and Nog ended up with. 

This is, of course, a variation on hollandaise sauce, which, like Yamok sauce, goes with everything and can be varied in almost infinite ways. If you’ve not made this type of sauce before, do not be afraid! While it involves constant whisking it is made in a few minutes, and if it does split, can be easily brought back together.

Replicate your own
(Makes about a cup of sauce)
(Based on this recipe - you can also make it in a blender if you prefer)

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