The BBC announced that Tank Girl filmmaker Rachel Talalay has returned to Doctor Who to direct this year’s two-part, currently-being-shot season finale. Talalay also directed last year’s two-part finale, which featured a plot involving actress Michelle Gomez’s sinister Missy and a Cybermen invasion. “Recovering from a case of The Silence,” Talalay tweeted earlier Wednesday, referring to a race of Doctor Who monsters who were, indeed, very quiet. “I am so fortunate to be asked back for the finale S09.”

The new season of Doctor Who will premiere this fall. Check back later in the week for an exclusive interview with the Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi, about the season and his upcoming appearance atComic-Con.


If this season’s finale is anything like last season’s, WE’RE NOT READY. Glad to have Rachel back! 

jackie you look wonderful! just, when you’re done with your makeup we can look at my shirts to find one to match your dress. id be happy to change to match you no matter what you wear.
—  steve (talking to jackie about their new lack of color coordination)
Did You Know...
  • So many fans visit King’s Cross Station to take pictures of Platforms 9 and 10 that the station management erected a sign that says “Platform 9 ¾,” which, in the Harry Potter books, is invisible to Muggles but acts as a gateway for witches and wizards.
They’ve suddenly realized that they are the most fortunate people in all of time and space and are hellbent on adventure. Jenna continutes to deliver a beautifully nuanced, complex, and funny performance that marks her out as one of the best companions ever.
—  Peter Capaldi describes the relationship between the Doctor and Clara in season 9 of Doctor Who. [EW]
Peter Capaldi teases Doctor Who Series 9 - First look at the new series!
A first look at Doctor Who Series 9 has been unveiled, and Peter Capaldi teases what fans can expect to see when the new series airs this Autumn.

A first look at Series 9 has been unveiled, and Peter Capaldi teases what fans can expect in the new series!

Thanks, Steven. You’ve done some pretty awesome things:
  1. Hired the most new female directors for NuWho (Catherine Morshead, Sheree Folkson, Rachel Talalay)
  2. Tripled the number of episodes directed by women since becoming showrunner in 2010 (9/69 for about 13.04% for the Moffat Era, presuming 9x09 is still being directed by Justin Molotinkov as previously reported in his CV)
  3. Hired the first woman to direct a two-parter in NuWho (Rachel Talalay for ”Dark Water” / “Death in Heaven”)
  4. Hired the first woman ever (Nu or Classic) to direct a series closer episode (Rachel Talalay for “Death in Heaven”) and brought her back the second year in a row to do the next season closer
  5. Hired the first woman to direct a series opener for NuWho (Hettie MacDonald for the upcoming “The Magician’s Apprentice”), who is also the fourth woman ever (including Classic Who) to direct a series opener
  6. Hired the second woman to direct a two-parter for NuWho (Hettie MacDonald for the upcoming “The Magician’s Apprentice” / “The Witch’s Familiar”)
  7. Hired more women than ever (Nu or Classic) to write for the show in a single season (Catherine Tregenna and Sarah Dollard for upcoming 9x06 and 9x10)

We’ve still got a long way to go. Two female writers or two female directors in a 12 episode season is still very tiny. (Plus no professional women have ever written or directed Christmas specials or minisodes in NuWho under either showrunner. However, some of the child winners under the writing competitions held during the Moffat Era were female. “Good as Gold” was written by three girls, for instance.) Even four episodes between two female directors is very small and considering NuWho’s been around since 2005, it’s very frustrating for so many when we’ve only just reached such a small number as our biggest accomplishment so far.

But that’s the thing: so far. Last year an unprecedented two female directors were hired in the same season and directed more episodes (three) in a single NuWho season than ever before. This year, the same number of women were hired, but given more episodes (four).

These are landmarks; this is progress.

MacDonald and Talalay were the first two female directors ever brought back for NuWho and they were given the biggest episodes of the season. That’s phenomenal!

So again, thank you Steven, and let’s once again smash season nine’s records in season ten!