9x06: heaven can't wait


I’m late to the party due to Vancon, but oh, lookie –

13x03 Dean is wearing the exact same outfit from 9x06 - solid blue and black shirt/layers. Black = grief, sadness, depression; Blue = (in relation to Dean) Cas.

The one significant difference: Dean’s jacket. It’s trenchcoat Cas-coded (Dean channeling Cas via clothes - a recurring pattern on the show i.e. his 12x18 suit, Cas-coded tie, collared plaid after sleeping with a Cas-replacement waitress for the very last time). 


  • Berens penned both 9x06 and 13x03.
  • Jody and Missouri are present in 13x03
  • possible psychic readings (Dean as querent - exposition of his feelings/bargaining-depression-acceptance stages via tarot cards)
  • A Dean and Jody scene was filmed at a Gas n Sip.

What am I trying to say here? 

They’re using the past narrative to reinforce the present (bring subtext to text) aka building blocks!

9x06 was Destiel-infused – Pine tree air fresheners, “Big O”, Sun logo = Cas, the romantic dating tropes, the Buffy and Tony Manero/Annette parallels, the fanfiction gap, Misha acting like a jilted lover = Dean overall pining and taking Cas on a date because he missed him post-Bunker kick out. 

Well, I hope the audience gets some sort of explicit visual/vocal acknowledgement from Dean or an EXPOSITION regarding Dean’s feelings (remember the number 3? “Big reveal” pattern) where a comparison between 9x06 and 13x03 is made. 

9x06: Cas wasn’t dead but human vs. 13x03: Cas is perma-dead. In both episodes, Cas’ absence (profoundly) affects Dean.

@thetwistedwillow and I suggested – what if the Gas n Sip cashier reminds Dean of Cas? Perhaps Dean actually buys something, then his grief induces overlapping 9x06 flashbacks of Cas behind the counter. What if we observe him sifting through his 9x06 memories? What if Dean and Jody have an expositional talk? 

Ah, the possibilities!

I’m not saying they WILL do these things, but considering the matching outfits, environment, and circumstances, there’s a chance we’ll see a 9x06 reference when 13x03 airs.


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A Destiel Thought:

When The X-Files first began twenty years ago it told the story of two very different people who were brought together by chance. The head writer and the series creator had intended for them to be strictly platonic. He wanted them as friends and nothing more. He strove for that. Then the actors had this amazing chemistry and the fans of the show began to see these two characters sparking off each other and shipped it like crazy. There was fanfiction and art and the first lot of online communities ever and the writer insisted that he wanted them to be just friends, only friends.

Then he went back through his own show and saw the little touches he hadn’t noticed before. He saw the smiles, the eye contact, the spark.

He is quoted as saying “I never wanted these two characters to be together. I didn’t want it to be that way. But they fell in love anyway, without my consent, and I was powerless to stop it.”

I feel like the same can be said of Dean and Castiel. They were never meant to be together, the writers maintain that they are just friends - only friends - but maybe, just maybe, they’ve fallen in love anyway.


So I was rewatching this episode and I saw something I didn’t notice before… Look at Dean’s face during this scene. It is a myriad of emotion. In that fourth gif it’s only when Cas is actually looking at him that Dean puts on this fake smile (and he’s hardly trying to look happy… it doesn’t reach his eyes at all). But it’s whenever Cas isn’t looking that Dean shows how he really feels. Just look at that last gif. Dean blinks and his smile dissolves. When Cas opens the car door, Dean isn’t even looking at him anymore, because he can’t stand to watch Cas walk away again.  Misha was told to play the jilted lover in this episode and I think Jensen is really playing off of that really well.  He’s playing the unrequited lover. Because Dean doesn’t understand that someone as pure as Cas could ever love him. So Dean feels like he’s pining for something that’s outside his grasp when all along Cas has never been more than an arm’s length away. And that’s what makes this so sad, because they both don’t want to say goodbye but neither has the courage to say it.