9x03 “I’m No Angel”
Gadreel’s Fear

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A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series

I think when I watched S9 for the first time I was very wary of Gadreel from the get go, but re-watching the season knowing his story and putting his reactions and actions into perspective just gives way to appreciate certain moments a new. Because just like in the season premiere (as talked about here) where Gadreel is clearly on edge when being unable to leave the room due to warding sigils, right here too his words and reactions out of fear of being found out and being locked back into prison again is just so much more tangible knowing his story. I know on first watch back then I felt it was just about Castiel that Gadreel had an issue with unrelated to Castiel being hunted by the angels, but I think that’s truly not what this has been about. This was just about Gadreel making sure he’d remain free and sadly that meant (for him) Castiel having to leave and I do believe him to be sincere when he says “I’m sorry”. Still, his ultimatum ends up being blackmail - though he probably not even realizes that as he’s been locked up for millenia - and of course just further complicates things and forces Dean to lie even more and with that run further down the rabbit hole.

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Head canon for leaving with Castiel after 9x03, much to your brother's dislike (platonic pls)

Sorry this took a little bit of time, I had to re-watch the episode and I’ve felt like I haven’t really had the time for up until now (it’s been a stressful week). Also Zeke is Ezekiel/Gadreel.

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- Besides your brothers, Castiel’s probably the person you’re the closest to. He’s family, angel or not.

- The only difference is that he’s human now. He’s always been your most powerful ally, but now there’s extra reason for concern.

- And when he returns with you and your brothers to the bunker you’re beyond relieved. Especially since he died earlier that evening, which only proves that he needs help.

- But things are back to looking bad again when Zeke decided to pay a visit and told you and Dean that Cas can’t stay.

- So, Dean goes to talk with Castiel and tells him that he has to leave after preparing what to say. “You can’t stay.”

- That’s when you intervene. “Don’t worry Cas, I’ll be going with you.”

- Dean stares at you for a moment before he asks if he can talk to you in private.

- “What are you doing Y/N? You can’t go with him, you heard Zeke, he’s a beacon for angels!”

- “Exactly.”

- “Are you even listening to me?”

- “Yes I am. You stay here. Look after Sam and make sure Zeke does his job. I’ll go with Cas. Dean, he’s human and he could use help. He needs help. I know you want me to stay but I can make my own decisions and I decide what I want to do myself. You can’t stop me.” And then you walk away. “I’ll be in touch.”

- You feel guilty, especially for Sam who has to find out later that his sister just left him and Dean, without saying goodbye. 

- But somebody had to look out for Cas, after everything he’s done for you, you owe him that.