Marvel Characters' Astrological Signs (THE CORRECT EDITION)
  • Aries: Peggy Carter (April 9th), Dum Dum Dugan (April 11th)
  • Taurus: Thor (Based on Traits)[April 20 to May 20]
  • Gemini: Clint Barton (June 18th), Tony Stark (May 29th)
  • Cancer: Steve Rogers (July 4th), Betty Ross (July 1st)
  • Leo: Howard Stark (August 15th)
  • Virgo: Rogue (August 26th), Dr. Erskine (September 14th)
  • Libra: Peter Parker (October 14th), Daredevil (October 21st), Sam Wilson (September 23)
  • Scorpio: Ben Grimm [The Thing] (November 9th), Dr. Strange (November 18th)
  • Sagittarius: Natasha Romanoff (November 22nd), Bruce Banner (December 18th)
  • Capricorn: Loki (Based on Traits)[December 23 to January 20]
  • Aquarius: Peter Quill (February 4th)
  • Pisces: Bucky Barnes (March 10th)

All of time and space, where do you want to start?…With a killer catchphrase of course!

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Look at him, he’s actually upset when someone says they aren’t important. Why? Because everyone is important.

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English Teachers

I hate it when English teachers assume you have weak writing/reading skills because you fail to do A+ job on some “analyzing the text” assignment. Like excuse you human. Give me any episode/season from Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, The 100, How I met your mother or Teen wolf and I will write you an A+++ 10 page essay on character development, plot, relationships and over analyse every little sentence till you beg me to shut up

It’s not my lack of skills, it’s your lack of material, lack of motivation and lack of understanding who i am because I fucking gave it all for what you think is “lacking true material”