He Was Lost

The past three months were lonely.

That was putting it lightly, because honestly, how were you supposed to feel when you’re suddenly living without the other half of your heart -your best best friend, the love of your life. It wasn’t supposed to end the way it did. To be fair, you never imagined there would be an ‘end’ at all.

You remembered that day like it was yesterday, replaying the turn of events over and over again. Maybe if you’d looked him in the eyes more. Maybe if you’d kissed him harder. Maybe, if you’d hugged him a little bit longer. Then maybe, just maybe, he would still be yours, right where he belonged.

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Whisky Confidence

I wanted to write another smut piece and after I started typing it just kept going and going. Ooops. So it’s kinda long. But it basically nothing but smut with a little introduction at the start. Enjoy! 

Rafael Barba x Female Reader

Warnings: NSFW, smut

Word count: 6188

“Take a turn here onto 57th,” Barba demanded from the passenger seat, “It will be a lot faster.”

“I am fine the way I am going thank you,” you replied as you continued driving down 9th Avenue.

“57th will be faster,” he repeated. “Do you want to get there or not?”

“I am driving, okay Miss Daisy?” You glanced his way to see him glaring back at you. “Why don’t you go read a book or something?”

He continued to stare at you with contempt in his eyes as you missed the turn he wanted to take. Benson had asked that you accompany him in speaking to a suspect at his place of work. She thought that having both of you there might just fuel his ego enough to force him to slip up.

“Fine,” he finally said, “I wouldn’t listen to the New York born and bred citizen either.”

“You don’t drive in this city Barba. I do.”

Your working relationship had always been like this. Small quips at one another that usually amounted to nothing but the rolling of eyes from the rest of the squad. It never came from a place of malice but rather frustration at the job at hand and a mutual appreciation for sarcasm. You were both able to use your quick wit to create a back and forth banter that may have bordered flirtation but never crossed the line. You were still professional enough to keep it workplace appropriate.

“You know, Miss Daisy would never be driven around without some music to accompany the trip,” Barba said, straitening up in his seat wriggling his shoulders. “What have you got?”

Smiling you reached over to turn the radio on accepting his request.

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i’ll stand right behind you

in which throughout your life from the age of five, jungkook stands behind you in every decision, choice, and the occasional, beautiful momentary lapse of any coherent thought as his lips connect with yours.

song: beautiful - jun curry ahn

words: 1.8k

age 5

He can’t catch you. He knows that you’re the fastest girl in all of the kindergarten classes, and he’s the fastest boy (determined by daily races around the playground track), but despite the fact that you win every time he’s sure he’ll catch you one of these days.

Autumn days turn to the bitter cold of a snowy winter, the chilliness of the air biting at every inch of exposed flesh as the teachers decide it’s much too cold to go outside. Jeon Jungkook will not let this go down as the day in history where no race takes place, because he must win today, so he grabs your wrist. “What are you doing?” You say, but he’s already dragging your little self into the classroom and bossing around the other kids to move the desks out of the way. 

“We’re going to have a mini-race, Y/N! Look, I’ll even let you get a head start. I’ll stand right behind you, a little bit.” Jungkook says, taking his place. Just as you and Jungkook were about to take off, ransacking the classroom like miniature tornadoes, the teachers walk in and shut the five-year-old fun down. 

But he held your hand, and as far as Jungkook thought, he had already won because of it.

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It Only Took You To See Me Nearly Die To Realize That

Fandom: Marvel → Avengers

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Plot: Requested: Anon: Can I have a Steve Rogers one shot where she’s an agent of shield assassin and she’s on a mission with the avengers. She and Steve fight a lot(actually have crushes) and one day he insults her really bad and she leaves. Then she fights along with the avengers in the battle of NY and gets badly hurt. Steve finds her unconscious and carries her to safety telling her how much he loves her and she hears him. She confronts him in the hospital and fluff? Thanks!

Changed it to battle of sokovia for the sake of timeline J hope it’s okay darling!

Warning: language, violence


“I have eyes on the target. I’m standing-by for the final green.”

“Stand-by agent. We have a problem here.”

“Standing-by sir.”

You moved your eyes from the target and looked at the city around you taking in the cold breeze of winter. Your intercom buzzed and your eyes went back to the scope.

“Final Green. You are go. Repeat, you are go for Final Green.”

Your finger pulled the trigger and started to quickly disassemble your sniper. Years of training and field trips made this process like a second nature. You were gone in a second and there was no trace of you left on that rooftop.

“Rendezvous point at 484 9th avenue.”

“Copy that.”

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Kim’s Cleaners - 9th Avenue and W 52nd Street. Watercolor on Arches Hot Press paper. 2014.

Part of my series of watercolor paintings of Hell’s Kitchen, NYC. 

“i can’t stick around, i’m going back south, but all i regret now is i never kissed your mouth”

the view from 9th avenue, nyc.

(Fuji X-Pro1)

One of my favourite Robin Williams films is Moscow on the Hudson, an underrated and overlooked little gem which was written and directed by Paul Mazursky (who also passed away quite recently). Give it a look if you haven’t seen it, or rewatch it if you have.

Also worth mentioning, this poster was the subject of a 1987 lawsuit because it quite blatantly copied Saul Steinberg’s famous 1976 New Yorker cover “View of the World from 9th Avenue”, right down to using the New Yorker font. Needless to say, the movie studio lost the lawsuit.