Miss Malice: The Joker’s New Queen // Chapter Eight

This is a bit shorter than my previous chapters but it’s the perfect lead in to the next few I’ve got cooked up for y'all. Hope you enjoy! Feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.

               “In other news, Gotham PD has declared a city-wide manhunt for this woman. She was last seen wearing a black bunny mask and robbing the First National and Gotham Financial banks on 9th Avenue last week.

               Authorities say she’s responsible for the theft of 22.1 million dollars and the murders of six notorious gang bangers from the Gotham branch of the Italian Mafia which is run by Tommy Ceglio - a heavy hitter in the crime syndicate who sits at number three on the country’s most wanted list.

               Our sources say that Ceglio has been missing since the robberies and is presumed dead, although no connection has yet been made between this masked criminal and his disappearance.

               Police are urging anyone with any information to come forward. Commissioner Gordon is offering a ten-thousand dollar reward for anything that can help lead to her arrest…”

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cymorg  asked:

Hi. :3 Would you know of some website where I could read English translations of the No. 6 novels...? Or maybe a place in which I could purchase them in English and get the sent over to the US...?

Hello ^^

You can read the fantranslation on this awesome blog called 9th Avenue!

Unfortunately there’s no official translation yet, or I’d buy it instantly to support Asano-sensei’s amazing work. :3