So i’m going to be volunteering at The Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen tomorrow from 12pm until 8pm, and we could really use some volunteers since a lot of the regulars have come down with colds and the flu from the awful weather. It’s in Midtown Manhattan, number 296 on 9th Avenue– even though you don’t get paid, we’d really appreciate the help, so if you can come by, even for a couple of hours, please let me know!

Volunteering aside, how has everyone been? It seems as though since Jensen has recovered from his short bout of the flu he’s been running of rocket fuel, because I can barely get him to keep. In fact, i’m currently being dragged to a park near his school; hopefully that’ll tire him out a little and he’ll crash after we’ve had dinner– treating him to The River Cafe tonight.

classy-gravy asked:

Hi. :3 Would you know of some website where I could read English translations of the No. 6 novels...? Or maybe a place in which I could purchase them in English and get the sent over to the US...?

Hello ^^

You can read the fantranslation on this awesome blog called 9th Avenue!

Unfortunately there’s no official translation yet, or I’d buy it instantly to support Asano-sensei’s amazing work. :3