Guess who’s a Whovian? Nah, don’t guess, it’s pretty obvious. Anyway I actually forgot to upload the things I did for the convention months back. These badge designs were some from then. Thought I’d best put em up before I forgot again. Have a good day folks! I’ll be around. 

I love Doctor Who because it’s literally a show about a guy who stole a time machine and has spent billions of years running away from his responsibilities

So I did some research on promotional images for Doctors 9-13 and I noticed something…

Notice what these images for Doctors 9-12 have in common……

9th Doctor

10th Doctor

11th Doctor

12th Doctor

They all give off a very moody and dark vibe. Sure these are only a small sample of promotional images, but the majority of them all have the Doctor brooding or serious, running away from danger, the backgrounds very dark to symbolise that there is danger coming.

And then we get to the 13th Doctor….

Her promotional images are light, carefree, and full of colour. She’s depicted smiling and warm, whereas her previous incarnations were usually frowning.

This looks to be symbolising how 13 has truly left her dark, tragic past behind. Everything from her reveal trailer to her promotional art shows that she is fully embracing being free and full of life again.

  • Friend: What's wrong
  • Me: I'm just upset that Twelve and Nine have so much less merch than Ten and Eleven because they were both amazing and while Nine only had one season he still deserves appreciation and Twelve's seasons were awesome especially series 10 which was so much more diverse than Doctor Who has ever been and I just don't understand why it has to be like this
  • Friend: What the hell are you talking about

Spent several weeks on this one. I’m not typically one for a lot of details, but that’s how it unfolded. It started off on the thought: How does the Doctor deal with self-image? I wonder what goes through the Doctor’s mind when he/she sees a reflection. It can’t be the same psychological experience of self-awareness that humans feel when they see their reflection. Does (s)he recognize past selves in the same way I always see my 10 year old self in the mirror, even though I am clearly much older and rough around the edges?

These are rhetorical of course. I’m not looking for debate. It’s just a thought that started this digital painting.