9th opening

Calling all artists and writers! Do you like Lance? Do you like Zines?! 

Welcome to our Lance-Centric Voltron Zine: Starboy!

What is Starboy?

Starboy is a Lance-Centric Zine dedicated to showing our blue son he’s not the seventh wheel of our hearts. (He’s not the seventh wheel. He’s the whole damn automobile ;) )

What is a Zine?

A zine is a collection of artwork and stories that will be published in physical and pdf format.

So How does This Work?

  • Our zine will consist of 30 participants: 15 artists and 15 writers.
  • Artists and writers will be paired together to create an illustrated short story.
  • The zine is Lance-centric– there can be ship content, but the ship should not be the main focus of the art or the story. It’s all about the boy in blue.
  • Authors and artists will be paired together by our ever-vigilant mod team. The artist will create their piece first, and then the writer will do what they do best about it.

For more information check out our Information Page!

Applications Open on the 9th!

Applications now Open!
Applications now closed!

(art by @aetherlogic)


You’ve been doing well, and you’re enduring. You will be going forward. Plus you have me.

Music Taste

*Narrow it down to the most powerful, exact, or relatable placements.


- Moon//Mercury//5th house cusp//12th house cusp in…

Aries: bold, aggressive, and self-empowering.
Taurus: resplendent, consistent, and mellow.
Gemini: variable, zany, and scintillating.
Cancer: emotive, serene, and sentimental.
Leo: evocative, flamboyant, and vibrant.
Virgo: elaborate, subdued, and picturesque.
Libra: mellifluous, exquisite, and honeyed.
Scorpio: enigmatic, sinful, and controversial.
Sagittarius: profound, intriguing, and uninhibited.
Capricorn: insightful, rational, and self-determining.
Aquarius: maverick, untrammeled, and stirring.
Pisces: shadowy, visionary, and open-ended.


- Sun//Moon//Venus//Neptune//Pluto in the…

1st house: speaks for itself.
2nd house: is pleasantly packaged.
3rd house: is engaging & versatile.
4th house: strikes a tender nerve.
5th house: inspires your own art.
6th house: is realistic & motivating.
7th house: builds bridges for you.
8th house: pushes the envelope.
9th house: is open to interpretation.
10th house: is sophisticated/sensible.
11th house: is informative & interesting.
12th house: takes you to another place.


- Moon//Venus//Neptune in (major/tight) aspect to…

The sun: igniting - you like music that energizes you.
The moon: intimate - you like music that feels personal.
Mercury: dynamic - you like music that stimulates your mind.
Venus: refined - you like music that is pretty & well-crafted.
Mars: powerful - you like music that fuels something in you.
Jupiter: impressive - you like music that induces amaze.
Saturn: classic - you like music that is respectable.
Uranus: limitless - you like music that is progressive.
Neptune: mystical - you like music that transcends you.
Pluto: sacred - you like music that feels like a treasure.

- Also look at the planets in your 5th / 12th house, or the ruling planet of the sign on the cusp in the case that they contain none.

Sun In The Houses

Sun In The 1st House

  • Positive Traits: enthusiastic, determined, enterprising
  • Negative Traits: concerned about what others think about you, not self-reflective enough, tendency to over-complicate things
  • Celebrities: Brad Pitt, Scarlett Johansson, Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Lopez

Sun In The 2nd House

  • Positive Traits: logical, responsible, exceptionally good with money
  • Negative Traits: may go overboard with material possessions, obsessive about maintaining a sense of security, can develop an overbearing personality
  • Celebrities: Leonardo DiCaprio, Elvis Presley, Lana Del Rey, Cameron Diaz

Sun In The 3rd House

  • Positive Traits: self-aware, confident, knowledgeable
  • Negative Traits: may try to do so much stuff all at once, can gain a reputation as a know-it-all, sometimes you don’t let other people figure situations out on their own
  • Celebrities: J.K. Rowling, Britney Spears, Mick Jagger, Drake

Sun In The 4th House

  • Positive Traits: calm, practical, helpful
  • Negative Traits: not very good with accepting constructive criticism, stubborn, “my way or the highway” mentality
  • Celebrities: Megan Fox, Paul McCartney, Jennifer Aniston, Pablo Picasso

Sun In The 5th House

  • Positive Traits: upbeat, energetic, humorous
  • Negative Traits: reckless, dramatic, oftentimes you (unintentionally) allow yourself to come off as being quite egocentric
  • Celebrities: Amy Winehouse, Jake Gyllenhaal, Tyra Banks, Marilyn Manson

Sun In The 6th House

  • Positive Traits: tireless worker, opportunistic, dependable
  • Negative Traits: constantly disappointed, stressed out easily, reliant on praise from other people
  • Celebrities: Justin Timberlake, Ariana Grande, Kurt Cobain, Demi Lovato

Sun In The 7th House

  • Positive Traits: highly motivated, excitable, always forming new relationships
  • Negative Traits: indecisive, afraid of feeling isolated without the consolation of a partner, places self-worth in the hands of others
  • Celebrities: Miley Cyrus, Bruce Willis, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sylvester Stallone

Sun In The 8th House

  • Positive Traits: perceptive, curious, interested in the deeper aspects of life
  • Negative Traits: difficult to read, you think everybody is untrustworthy, sensitive
  • Celebrities: Emma Watson, Prince, Ryan Gosling, Nicole Kidman

Sun In The 9th House

  • Positive Traits: open-minded, experimental, optimistic
  • Negative Traits: blind to people’s negative qualities, self-righteous, extremely idealistic
  • Celebrities: Courtney Love, Uma Thurman, Tom Cruise, Robin Williams

Sun In The 10th House

  • Positive Traits: ambitious, family-oriented, unwilling to give up
  • Negative Traits: may be preoccupied with status, neglects everything else besides their career/job, doesn’t create much time for social gatherings
  • Celebrities: Jim Morrison, Christina Aguilera, Jack Nicholson, Drew Barrymore

Sun In The 11th House

  • Positive Traits: collaborative, level-headed, observant
  • Negative Traits: your style of discussion is not always good for casual conversations, you don’t give everyone a chance to speak in a group, sometimes hard to follow
  • Celebrities: James Dean, Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani, Jimi Hendrix

Sun In The 12th House

  • Positive Traits: compassionate, sacrificing, understanding
  • Negative Traits: lazy, needs to help people in order to feel confident, finds it challenging to separate fantasy from reality
  • Celebrities: Kanye West, Taylor Swift, David Bowie, Katy Perry
Peter Parker x Reader Pt3

Originally posted by mrbarnes

Part 2

Date : Sunday 9th April 2017

Requests : Open

Imagine / Series : Series

Title : My hero

Warnings : None

It was morning in the Parker household. And the night was spent chattering away with both Peter and Aunt may until she practically forced both you and her grandson to retire to bed. Of course the two of you didn’t actually sleep, instead you stayed up until 2 in the morning, talking about the most pointless things either of you could think of. Slinging your legs over the bed, you let out a yawn, knowing full well soon you were going to get a call about your house and the fact it had been burnt to a crisp. The police had already told you they had spoke to them, you hoped insurance would pay for your house to be res-erected into its once beautiful structure. You also hoped your parents would be forgiving enough to pay for some of the expenses of your clothes.

Looking around the room you realized that Peter was no where to be seen. That made you grumble.”Peter. It’s only 7:30, what are you doing up so early…” You asked as if he was actually in the room. Standing up, you put on one of Peters everyday shirts, a spiderman shirt funnily enough, and then some of Aunt mays jeans. They were comfortable to say the least. Brushing your teeth and hair. You walked downstairs.

The first thing you noticed was that Aunt mays bedroom door was closed. At least she still had the good sense to sleep in. You then noticed on the coat rack by the door, a rather expensive coat was seen hung up besides your own. That’s when you heard it, a voice you had only ever heard on TV and a voice that practically made your body freeze.

“I’m just saying Peter maybe we could have double dates you know? Me and your Aunt, you and this girl.” That sentence alone made you blush, you and Peter! Preposterous! You and him were nothing but friends! Weren’t you…?

“Tony please! Me and (Name insert) a-are just friends and -” Pausing, both men looked to the stairs where you were hid around the corner. “….(Name insert). You don’t have to hide you know?” Peeking your head around the corner you smiled hesitantly.

“I’m sorry. It’s not everyday you meet a celebrity…”

“Celebrity? Mean a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist?” He got a nudge from Peter as if begging him to stop. Tony just smirked down at Peter and winked, before he turned back to you. “You know when this kid got your text he practically jumped out of his own skin. Ive never seen someone try so hard to get out of my company before.” You smiled softly and nodded at Tony, as if thanking him for telling you.

“Obviously you haven’t been paying enough attention to the people you hang out with then…” Muttered Peter, only to get a fake glare off of Tony.

“Want me to cut down your pay check Peter?”

“Pay check?” You blurted. Eyes wide. “Peter, your working for Tony Stark? The Tony Stark? When were you planning on telling me? Is it his house you’re staying at? Oh my god that’s amazing!” You stammered. Never before had anyone made Tony starks ego get so big. You couldn’t believe Peter Parker was working for Tony Stark. It was amazing.

“Hes my little apprentice. Smart kid your friend is.” Pausing Tony smiled at you. “Say how about you come to mine with Peter? I could show you around. You could take some of those cool kid selfies to show your friends. You know all the good stuff.”

Nodding quickly, a wide smile managed to crawl its way onto your face. “S-sure thank you Mr stark.” You stammered. Peering at Peter who looked at you with such awe in his eyes your heart practically skipped a beat.

“Okay then. You two love birds get ready and come meet me outside. We’ve got a lot of fight seeing to do.” Watching Tony walk out of the room both Peter and yourself burst out into red hysterics over your cheeks. Who know your house burning down could result to one of the best days of your life?

“Um…I don’t have much else to wear Peter. So ill meet you out there.” You couldn’t be more relieved to leave the room. It’s not that Peter wasn’t your type it was just. What was it actually? You were uncertain. Shaking your head you saw Stark motion for you to enter his car. It was a limo. A limo. Gulping. You entered the car. Stark turned to you.

“So…are you and Peter a thing?”

“No Mr Stark.”

“Were you a thing?”

“N-No Mr stark.”

“You wanna be a thing?”

“I-I don’t know Mr stark.”

“Were you two…becoming a thing.” He winked suggestively. His eye brows wiggling.Your face had never been so red and you hid your face in your hands. You couldn’t have been more embarrassed…

“No…Mr Stark…” You muttered. Hearing his smug laughter fill the car.

Ninth House: Adventure

What does the 9th house rule?

  • expansion
  • long-distance travel
  • foreign languages
  • optimism
  • universities
  • luck
  • adventure
  • morals

Which sign rules the 9th house?

  • Sagittarius
  • Jupiter

“Thinking About Expansion & Travel Can Make Me Feel ______.”

(if you don’t have any planets in the 9th House, use the ruling planet of your 9th House’s Sign)

sun in 9th house: happy

moon in 9th house: restless

mercury in 9th house: philosophical

venus in 9th house: independent

mars in 9th house: open-minded

saturn in 9th house: strict

jupiter in 9th house: eager

neptune in 9th house: reverent

uranus in 9th house: optimistic

pluto in 9th house: curious


“It doesn’t happen very often, that you literally get to grow up with your co-stars. It’s just a bunch of kids at the end of the day. Aren’t we all?“     

                                               - Paul Walker on “Fast and Furious” franchise

“Fast and Furious 7″ broke records with the biggest opening weekend in April and 9th largest opening weekend of all times.