9th june 2011

The Evolution of Jordan Brian Henderson


June 9th, 2011. Liverpool announce the £16 million transfer of a young lad from Sunderland. A small and shy smile lingers across Jordan Henderson’s face; hair drowned in gel and the eyes are detailed with the fear of a young boy who will be automatically pricked and probed at by the media all because of his pricetag. 

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darknesswillfallagain  asked:

There she stood, A bride to be.. Little Alexandria's wedding At the loch where it all began for her and Luke. She was nervous and scared before she heard a knock at the door. "Come in" she spoke

Carlotta slowly stepped into the room, dressed in soft blue dress robes and now at 33 years old, she was near the epitome of a Mother Of the Bride as she gazed at her daughter. “Oh look at you…..” she stated, shaking her head softly. “26 years old and now getting married……” she smiled, trying not to cry.

They were both a far cry from when Alexandria and Carlotta met at the respective ages of 15 and 22. Carlotta was now a married woman with 5 children from Raibeart, along with Alexandria and Alexi.


Catherine attends the 10th Annual ARK Gala Dinner in London, wearing a pink Jenny Packham gown - 9th June 2011