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i would like to give a brief shoutout to 2005 Doctor Who

i was ten years old when parting of the ways came out and when jack kissed the doctor it was the first time little me had ever seen an openly gay, affectionate interaction between two men that wasn’t immediately followed by one person yelling angrily or a punchline you know? like the doctor didn’t react in any negative way, he just let jack kiss him goodbye no big deal (but the thing was it was a big deal to little me i just didn’t know why yet) and it didn’t take away from the emotional aspect of the scene, if anything it added to it

I really don’t understand why people hate companions. I just don’t get it. Yeah, some may not be your favorite, but to sit there and say you HATE them? I loved every companion. I loved Rose, I loved Martha, I loved Donna, I loved Amy and Rory, and I loved Clara. And I know I will love Bill. Why?  Because they are flawed, because they aren’t perfect, because they represent real people like us, because they sometimes get on my nerves and because the Doctor chose them. I love all the companions because I can see little bits of myself, good and bad, in all of them. 

Unfortunately, I feel like I’m one of the few who feel this way.