9th cosplay

Announcing: BetaKids Week - 2

Hello there guys!!!

I’ve seen a few good appreciation weeks already kicking in, so why leave our kids behind?
Take this as a warming up for a possible summer special appreciation! ;)


May 8th - Day one: COSPLAYS! It’s time for a Con! What would they cosplay?
May 9th - Day two: SWAP! Clothes, Gender, God-Tier, Personality You choose!
May 10st - Day three: SHIPS! Love is in the air! (more info on Rules)
May 11st - Day four: FAV CANON! Pick what you liked most from your fav kid!
May 12th - Day five: FREE SPOT/AU! Whatever you want there, baby
May 13th - Day six: EARTH C! What are they up to now in the new earth?
May 14th - Day seven: STRIFE!!! It’s time to fight guys!!!



- Any media is accepted, Art, Fanfiction, AMV, Fanmusic, anything that comes to your mind!

- No NSFW, I’d like this to be a safe zone for everyone!

- Blood is ok but please, consider that if the submission will be over the top it may not be reblogged

     - Beta ot4 is appreciated <3
     - Other characters are allowed
     - No problematic shipis, such as incest / abusive / toxic etc 
     - BE KIND WITH THE OTHERS, other people may have different                      shipping itnerest but this is NOT an excuse to be a dick, I’ll personally    
       hunt you down if you do.

     - I’ve been avoiding to reblog some ships because I got asked to do so,              BUT there will be a chance of them being reblogged during the                          apprecciation week if they’ll be done, of course they’ll be tagged properly          and with specific additional tag
       This will be reminded before and during the


- The tag for the week is #betakidsweek2, Everything under that tag will be reblogged here and tagged

- You can also @ the blog in the description of your work

- All the specific tags currently running on the blog witll be kept during the whole event, no need to worry about that :)

For any comment / imput / question, feel free to drop an ask, and I’ll be replying ASAP!!!

Can’t wait to see everything that you can do!!!

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