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can you list one way each enneatype can embarrass themselves in. like ennea 3: self-promo'ing at the wrong time wrong place

1: when their moral outlook is completely wrong and illogical yet they keep it even in the face of compelling arguments or evidence to the contrary, to the extent they begin to look delusional

2: trying to baby/caretake another person while being unable to take care of themselves, and having it pointed out to them

3: self promoting at the wrong place and time, and not catching on that no-one cares about their accomplishments

4: being edgy to the point of socially awkward (see: I study the blade) and realizing it, then attempt to make up for it by being even edgier to the point they enter 6 layers of semi-ironic edge, and they just KEEP GOING

5: info dumping without realizing how boring they’re being and that people are disinterested

6: having anxiety moments around people without anxiety/Fear™ and then panicking about being judged because of it, thus making yourself look worse (p) or not realizing they’re being pointlessly combative yet afraid of doing anything about it so it looks like they’re talking out of their ass (cp)

7: pretty much any time they do something really outrageous they don’t want to be seen doing and it’s caught on camera or being accused of avoiding their problems while in the process of doing something to avoid their problems

8: accidentally overreacting about something in front of people you don’t want to overreact in front of, and overreacting more to make it seem purposeful

9: trying to play mediator between types that are fighting and want to fight (cp6, 4, 8 etc), thus making them turn on you instead

enneagram as people from kitchen nightmares

1: person who is dead set on changing nothing because that’s how their great grandfather ran the restaurant. gets offended when anyone implies anything they do is wrong

2: overly helpful spouse of the restaurant manager/owner who keeps getting yelled at by everyone and is always crying, or that one person that went to the hospital because of an incorrectly prepared lobster

3: person with REALLY ostentatious restaurant where everything is over complicated and Gordon Ramsey has to spend an entire day simplifying the menu

4: having a complete and utter meltdown when Gordon Ramsey insults their weird unheard of family recipes, or Amy from Amy’s Baking Company

5: know it all chef who is convinced they can do no wrong and everyone high key hates, or the one waitress that knows what she’s doing and seems to know more than everyone else combined

6 (p): manager/owner sitting panicking while Gordon Ramsey tastes their food

6 (cp): person that gets mad at Gordon Ramsey for pointing out something obvious, like the fact that food shouldn’t have mold on it

7: happy go lucky but slacking kitchen staff that inevitably ends up fired

8: Gordon Ramsey. Alternatively, restaurant owners that invite him to help and then get mad whenever he tries to change anything, or even simply exists in their restaurant

9: restaurant/owner that acts like he agrees with Gordon Ramsey to his face, then does nothing as soon as his back is turned

(no glow becuase fuck off im lazy)
here ya cucks 

a shipping-friendly rendition of enet with about 900% more pseudoskin 

the striped shit is carbon wrapping i realized im 900x not likely to ever implement it in fics but i decided that after i already took like half an hour doing those fucking lines so you’re gonna take it and be fucking happy 

any shippy stuff i wrote for enet 99% chance its going to be using this deisgn since he’s about 90% less sharp angles and cold metal here, much better for smooches  

and an extra antibot

anti is equal parts a nightmare and the most useful bots you could have

though a lot more of a nightmare becuase he’ll lock up and fry anything on any network he can tap into just for fun 

the prefect tool for hacking, if.. he wasn’t so self-sufficient and actually took orders 

he’s a glorified virus but about 50x worce 

i 100% copped out on antis hair but just imagine its the cute curly ocean wave hair i Cant fuckign draw that ok 

since i wanna keep ship stuff about 20.2 miles away from the official enet au, im tagging any ship-related enet stuff as ‘EN’ k? k

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Are sx blinds more likely to be nihilists? Or stereotypical istps?

I would say all types can be pretty nihilistic:

So blind: the edgy nihilist who just thinks humanity is cattle and that life is pointless since forced interaction is so heavily emphasized in society so it’s better to withdraw from it

Sx blind: becomes nihilistic due to an incapability to emotionally connect to people, or find meaning in anything

Sp blind: the “life is short and meaningless and you can die at any time so why bother staying alive” nihilist


An easy-going ex-assassin who has grown quite lazy(er) after several years of being free from his duties. The only thing that this man seems to take seriously are credits and he is greedy and clever enough to cheat his way to them if he must, namely through rigged gambling schemes. 

Due to his ever changing identity, his age and true name remain unknown; though he is most commonly known by the name Enneer. That being said, he currently resides in Rishi disguised as a Cathar named Su’nar Thumit. 


A very brief description of En. More about him will be revealed through questions and doodles, hopefully. 

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Is there a perfect match rule between instinctual variants? Like does sx blinds marry sx doms or is your second variant perfect match?

I wouldn’t say there’s a rule or something, but there’s correlations. Based on my past experience, sp blinds are often attracted to sp doms, sx blinds are kind of weirded out by sp blinds so they tend to go for other sx blinds or so blinds. Hilariously sp doms often go for other sp doms but he sheer amount of sp blind people that seem to throw themselves at us gets a bit…. ridiculous sometimes

I think sp doms go for each other because then we don’t have to concern ourselves with whether or not the other person can take care of themselves lol. Sp seconds we tend to trust in the same way but…. there isn’t that “I know this person will be ok” feeling. And sp blinds just exhaust us so much lol

And sx doms tend to go for sp doms sometimes since they see our walls as an interesting “challenge”, but tend to never expect the emotional and mental intensity (spsx) or lack of depth (spso) that they find which is worth mentioning

Anyway yeah, I hope that makes sense