To R:

It’ll always feel unfinished with you. I was so ready to tell you how I felt but my timing was awful and you fell apart a little bit and then you left. Someday I’ll tell you. There are people who come into your life and leave without really leaving a trace; there are people who come into your life, have a huge impact, and eventually leave; and there are people who stay. I hope you stay. 


he says
eman all ur poems
are about egypt
like it’s a
it’s a dream
or ribbon,
like its
like it’s

non existant.

like it’s
like the crisp
night, like the
colored lights
like the smell of
and smoke,
like the meaning of
is stuck in my mind
like a frozen

like i no
like i create
what i can’t destroy
like this is a type of

he says all my poems are
about egypt like its
the stars,
like it’s the jasmines
on the street;
like it’s the coke bottle on the
like it’s the overrused
orange juice canteen
that’s now used for water
like it’s summer

and perhaps it is

but i crave the sun
and it’s the sun that keeps me

Quelque Chose  

Legs reaching for the ceiling
A head happily grounded
Colliding sighs leading to braided thighs
Still we exchange a look not meant for unalloyed lovers

He wants to remember me in my basic state
In a shirt from a tour I never attended
Staring down at a city I hardly live in

In photographs he’ll harness the feeling
While I’m spitting out stanzas too fast for comprehension
But he cuts me off
And sends me ascending
While he remains partial to the parts that send me running

There is something in this
And no help from Google Translate
Will properly put it into words
He may see it in my eye sockets
While I’m luring in his hands
Two languages create one conclusion
In agreement we go again

Legs climbing towards infinity
Barely able to keep to the bed
He pulls up what half of me has fallen
And in a simple salvation
I am put in my place
And my shaking speaks for me


how girls act when niggas take too long to respond