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Summer Playlist /Recommendations

I’ve been watching a lot of the K-Ville videos and discovered a lot of new music, so I thought I’d share my favorites at the moment with you!


Anti - Zico feat. G.Soul (I really love how chill and low key weird this one is)

That Girl - Jung Yong Hwa feat. Loco (I don’t know what it is about this one, but I just can’t sit still why listening to it)

Can’t help myself - Eric Nam feat. Loco (another feel good song)

Dinosaur - AKMU (I love that the concept is a little weird. Awesome song)

Yacht -Jay Park feat. Sik-K (I love when he sings in korean so I don’t have to listen to how thristy he is *cough* Aquaman *cough*. Jk, I really love his music)

Red Flavor - Red Velvet (Yes. This is everything I want in a summer song)

Hola Hola - K.A.R.D (I was so excited for their debut and they really didn’t disappoint. I’m so proud)

Camo - BoA (Her VOICE. 10/10)

Tequila - G.Soul feat. Hoodie (G.Soul is getting it lately. I’m very pleased.)

Aalow Aalow - Laboum (A little older. Probably not traditionally a summer song but it really gets me in the mood for summer. Even though I hate summer)

Pizza - OOHYO (I’ve been listening to this ever since Namjoon sung this in his v-live. Nothing will ever top “Pizza sucks without you” in terms of romantic phrases)

The Eve and Going Crazy - EXO (I’m limiting this to my two favorite songs from their new album. I know, the self-control)

AZE GAG - Mamamoo (Such a fun song. I feel like it needs amore appreciation)

Knock Knock - Twice ( -Annoy Moon: ✓)

Really Really - Winner (Like… does anyone need a reason why?)

Super Star - G.Dragon (Just super chill and fun to listen to. I know, my descriptions are so helpful)

Why don’t you know - Chung Ha feat. Nucksal (Flying Dolphins! Like?!)

Why so lonely - Wonder Grils (One of my favorite songs of all time)

I’m Serious - Day6 (Day6 is amazing and this has to be my favorite song from Sunrise)

And of course Come Back Home - BTS (I’m putting this last because I’m high key waiting for their comeback)

I really want to continue, but this is a lot as it is. I know my descriptions aren’t that helpful, but I hope you’ll still give the songs a chance!xD And now onto Moons recommendations!

I agree with most of Krümmel’s recommendations (coughexceptTwicecough), so I’ll spare you doubling recommendations and just add to hers~

Heart Attack - AOA (Not only this song, there a few more I really like, but I’ve been quite into AOA lately!)

Joker - Dal Shabet (I might’ve mentioned in our girl group recommendations post that I rlly like this group, but i’ll include them again)

Say Wow - Day6 (i love all songs from Sunrise, but say wow is quite an upbeat one, so fitting for summer!)

Night Rather Than Day - EXID (all i have to say is that it’s a great song, despite my bias Solji being on a hiatus atm)

Ko Ko Bop - EXO (i didn’t rlly like this song at first, but it has been growing on me the more i listen to it!)

Bubble Pop - HyunA (hyuna is my ultimate girl group bias probably, if i had to choose, but this song, despite being a little older, is still a great summer song)

Zoo - Red Velvet (my bias group, besides BTS of course, and I’ve been loving the entire album!)

I Like That/Shake It/Touch My Body/Lonely - SISTAR (they deserved better, starship entertainment…no summer will ever be the same again without them)

Sunflower - Triple H (i didn’t expect i would like this group so much, but kpop always hits you when you least expect it right?)

Drip - Jia (not technically kpop, but she used to be in missA, and i still love her music)

Remember - 9MUSES (i can’t say it enough but: STOP SLEEPING ON TALENT!!)

Former Nine Muses member Hyuna to be married in September!

Former Nine Muses member Moon Hyuna is getting married!

According to a representative from her label, Hyuna will be holding a small private wedding in Cheongdam-dong on September 3. Her husband is an entrepreneur 7 years older than her.

All the current member of Nine Muses, as well as former members of Nine Muses, plan on attending the wedding.

Congratulations to Hyuna!