9mm short


Browning High-Power pistols

Manufactured by Fabrique Nationale Herstal in Belgium c.1950′s - serial number of the bottom one 72C50445.
9mm Parabellum 13-round removable box magazine, short recoil semi-automatic, Renaissance grade factory engravings, fakeass pearl grips.

Fun fact, the FN Browning Hi-Power was originally designed to answer the French military trials of the 1920-30′s, but lost to the indigenous Mle1935 pistols.


Lahti Husqvarna M/40 pistol

Designed by Aimo Lahti c.1931, manufactured under license by the Husqvarna Vapenfabriks Aktiebolag c.1940~80′s in Sweden - serial number D10121.
9x19mm Parabellum 8-round removable box magazine, short recoil semi-automatic, bolt accelerator and shrouded hammer.

Originally the Finnish L-35 pistol, the M/40 was adopted for service in Sweden for more than forty years when World War 2 came, rendering the import of Walther P38 and Lahti L-35 impossible and forcing the Swedes to start local production. It was very similar to its parent design, save for minor details like the lack of a chambered round indicator, and a lower quality steel that resulted in cracks in the frame when used with the steel-jacketed ammunition used in the Karl Gustav M/45 submachine gun.


Inglis Browning Hi-Power No1 MkI* pistol

Designed by John M. Browning and Dieudonné Saive, manufactured by John Inglis and Company in Toronto, Canada c.1944 - serial number 3CH2219.
9x19mm Parabellum 13-round removable box magazine, short recoil semi-automatic.

In 1940, following the invasion of Belgium by the Nazis, FN Herstal sent the blueprints for their Hi-Power pistol to Great Britain, from where it was sent to Inglis in Canada to retool and start production for the Allies. This example was made as part of a contract for the Chinese Nationalist movement, and features a tangent rear sight and a shoulder stock cut. It was however never delivered due to the annulation of the contract and remained in the hands of the Canadian army.

one of the pistols successfully sent to China

with my short hair (9mm at the sides, not really a lot longer on top), my men’s shirt, men’s pullover, men’s underpants, and unisex pants I have never felt more feminine in my life

I’ve come to realize that to me feminine doesn’t mean attire or style or other superficial things. to me feminine means to be in my (female) body as much as I can. I don’t always feel like that and I can only guess that it is because of a combination of my adhd and constant misogyny that I often feel abstract instead. but occasionally I’m lucky and I get to fully be with me. it’s more than being comfortable. I feel like a person, a woman.

sometimes this hits me when I’m on my period, even if the pain is bad. I may wince at the contact of fabric touching my stomach or thighs, but I’m whole. my body is doing her thing.

sometimes a piece of clothing that fits very well can trigger it, too. like it belongs to me naturally.

point is, I’m an adult human female–a woman–and as such I wasn’t afforded the luxury of knowing I’m a real person. that is knowledge that only now comes to me, in phases.

when I think about what that feels like, feminine is what comes to mind. my hair is the length it is supposed to be. I’m wearing the clothes my body wants to be dressed in. there’s a lot more, of course, but I’m pointing out hair and clothing, because ironically those are the things that people will take as an indicator that I am not what a woman is supposed to be. what they call feminine to me would mean to be estranged from myself.

feminine–of or pertaining to the female sex