9mm parabellum


Swedish Kulsprutepistol m/45B or Carl Gustaf Model 45B submachine gun

Manufactured in the Gustafs Stads Gevärsfaktori in Eskilstuna, Sweden - serial number 500713.
9mm Parabellum 36-round removable box magazine, blowback semi-automatic, folding skeleton stock.

Nicknamed the Carlo, its ease of construction made it a standard for contraband garage guns. The metal parts of this general production model are covered in green enamel paint, probably for added sneakiness. It even goes the extra mile by having a cloth bag to catch spent casings.

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Momentary Drive | Taki Yoshimitsu ( 9mm Parabellum Bullet) feat. IA ROCKS


Simson 1929 semi-automatic pistol Prototype

Manufactured by Simson & Co. Waffenfabrik in Suhl, Germany c.1928-29, serial number 7A.
9mm Parabellum, 8-rounds magazine, single-action, simple blowback.

At time the only German military small arms manufacturer authorized to operate under the Versailles treaty, Simson experimented with what is essentially a toggle-lockless Luger P08 pistol for the rearmament of the Preußische Geheimpolizei, using the same magazine. They however ended up adopting the P08, because it made them look more like badasses, also because there was no point drifting away from the huge stocks of them they already had to adopt a new gun that was more or less the same freaking thing.

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Who got to shoot a 1917 Artillery Luger?
This guy.
Apparently a war trophy who’s owner put it in a sock and left it in a closet for probably over 60 years. (They assume the initials were the guy who brought it back) Well his now widowed wife didn’t want anything to do with his collection and sold it to my friends dad for an unbelievable $175 bucks. (The mags them self sell for about that price!)

It was about bit gritty and dry, not that we were surprised. Might also need some hotter loads to cycle effectively.
But we took it home abound cleaned it up and gave it some love. Hopefully I get to shoot it again.

The Ruger 22/45 here is just another pistol he picked up around the same time.