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To every single one of you, whether you’re just seeing this in your dash and unfollowing bc you don’t want this emotion shit™, thank you because you’re an audience and you take the time to read this and our writing in general.

We hit 9k today, as always I missed he one moment and we were like 4 over so I didn’t get the really cool moment but I still squealed. You’re all so amazing and I couldn’t ask for better friends. I’m gonna stop being a cheesy bitch rn, I just wanted to say thanks.

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I really want to talk with you guys and answer questions and shit like that and just be more direct as this blog grows and more of you guys come and go.

I love you all 💕 and a warning ahead of time: there’s no damn way I’m proofreading this. It’s the real me and my real thanks 💞

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ps: if any of you know a good place to live chat or something like that with an audience then recommend me one so that I can maybe talk to you guys as one big group and maybe w the other admins

Until Forever Ends (8/?)

Summary: Emma Swan is the only lost girl living in Neverland. Killian Jones is a heartbroken pirate on a quest for revenge. By all rights, their paths should never have crossed. But when they do, two lost and lonely souls inadvertently turn each other’s worlds upside down. Captain Swan. Canon Divergence.

Rated: T - Also available on: AO3 / FF.net - Word Count: ~2.9k - Trailer

Catch up here: one two three four five six seven

A/N: Thanks for the support so far! It absolutely means the world to me, and I hope you’ll keep enjoying the story! And again, a huge thanks to my beta @irishswanff!

Chapter 8

Emma paced back and forth over the deck of the ship. The weather that morning was a lot more pleasant than her mood; while it was sunny and practically windstill, she was anxious and impatient. Waiting for Killian to finish the negotiation over a magic bean was taking forever. He’d invited the man who was offering the rare object to the captain’s quarters and they’d been in there for about thirty minutes now.

Or at least, that was what it felt like to her. She hated not being able to help. This was her quest, her search for her parents, and yet she was out here twiddling her thumbs and he was in there doing all the work.

Apart from her footsteps on the wooden planks, everything about the Jolly Roger was eerily quiet. Everyone else had gone into town the moment they arrived at the docks. Although Tink had invited her along, she’d declined her offer, explaining that she wanted to hear whether the business transaction was successful as soon as it was done.

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I am disgusted 6y the inter-parallel-self incestu9us acti9ns i am witnessing up9n my dash. IT’s a6s9lutely sickening t9 think that any9ne in their right mind w9uld ever even p9nder partaking in the acti9n 9f r9mantic interacti9n with themselves, even if it is a versi9n 9f themselves that is systematically different, it is a6s9lutely atr9ci9us and wr9ng in every sense 9f the w9rd. I w9n’t name any names. Y9u already kn9w wh9 y9u are. Y9u vile cretins.

#Seri9usly. #What made y9u think that was 9k? #G99d fucking g9ds.


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Ashitaka: San, look!

San: Even if they grow back, the won’t be the Deer God’s woods. The Deer God is dead.

Ashitaka: The Deer God can’t die. He is life itself. Life and death are his to give and take. He’s telling us we should live.