9gag at it's best :)

The Zodiac signs and the type of person they would date.

Aries: Your blonde moments would need to paired up with someone who learns by the books. The cutest couple ever omg. Religion is a key thing in your relationship, along with a love for dancing and One Direction. Your partner would need to be allergic to pawpaws and be able to cook, since you can’t even crack an egg without damaging something.

Taurus: You partner would have to be buff and fit, just like you. If they’re not health conscience, you guys wouldn’t be able to go on those cute afternoon jogs around the neighbourhood before stopping to get a salad somewhere fancy. Their sparkling eyes would match yours, putting you both under a spell when together. You’re quite on the serious side with a slight salty undertone. Your partner would balance that out by having a slight sense of humour but a love for vintage items.  

Gemini: Having beautiful hair yourself, you look for someone who could meet your high standards. They would need to be taller than you, with a love for sleeping and dogs. Other than them needing to be able to cuddle for hours, not minding late night phone calls, enjoying all the weird foods you enjoy, loving KPOP and being as funny as you, you’re not that picky (NB sarcasm).

Cancer: The main things that you look for in someone is height (taller than you) and being able to make flow jokes. Together, you’ll have a large sock collection. They must love hugs that last over an eternity, watching cartoons at 4 in the morning, dealing with the fact that you’re a hoarder and must be brave since you’re afraid of pretty much anything. 

Leo: The rebellious, bad boy/ girl kinda vibe who’ll break rules for you is the one that you hunt down. You’ll need someone that shares the same kinks as you, which is plenty might I add. The person you seek has to have a personality to die for, that consisting of being possessive over you, a mind dirtier than a public bathroom floor, being hilarious and obviously up for late night adventures.

Virgo: Deep conversations at night? Cuddles in the morning? Being able to understand your mumbles? Accepting of who you are? Loving the booty? Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. Their strength, angelic singing voice and magical instrument playing roped you in since day one. Dancing till the cows come home will be a common occurrence. 

Libra: You’d date someone sassy with a hefty dash of sweet. Their ability to bring your beautiful smile to your face is something everyone desires. They need to be able to do athletic activities, but also not mind doing anything at all. They need to be a good listener, someone who you can trust with your life and someone who’s just as amazing as you. Cute galore. 

Scorpio: All you need is a shared love for sports, 9gag, dirty minds and bread with butter. Simplicity at its best, nothing is in your way. You’re quite easy to please, but buff biceps or big bum bums really get you going. You need someone who is either just as fussy as you or is willing to help you get over some of the things you struggle with.

Sagittarius: The classic Prince Charming or Cinderella is the one you long to hold. They have high determination levels to get what they really want, along with endless charm, amazing moves on the dance floor and being people-people. There’ll never be a dull moment in your relationship as you’ll always be trying out new things with them.

Capricorn: Although your hatred for people is strong, there is that one person that’ll make your knees weak. They’ll be strong with no emotions, always ready for climbing a mountain or some adventurous shiz like that, being able to cook (but not as good as you), able to make you laugh till your tummy hurts, and having the ability to crack the shell that you’ve put up.

Aquarius: You don’t look for anything specific. You love who your heart chooses to love. The only things you look for personality wise is pride in what they do, self confidence, having the ability to turn your frowns upside down, having a secret party trick and they must love every animal that exists. There’s no excuse to not want a million of every one.

Pisces: To be honest, you don’t even need a horoscope to find out what type of person you’d date. You get along with everyone and although you are very awkward, it just seems to work. Your constant charm lures in almost every person who lays eyes on you. You taste in a companion varies almost everyday. Some very serious and short, others tall and flexible. Who knows. What I do know is that this partner will be lucky as hell.