yall dont know how infuriating it was to know that falsettos was recorded and supposedly ready to air any time but not getting any other info besides “…fall of next year” for the date im so happy its airing this friday SO GO WATCH IT (OCTOBER 27 AT 9EST ON PBS, YOU CAN WATCH IT ON THE WEBSITE TOO) 

June 22, 2017

Logo Trailblazer Honors (Logo and VH1 at 9)  Cyndi Lauper, the late Alvin Ailey and the creators of “Will and Grace” are among the honorees at this year’s event, which features appearances by Tituss Burgess, Darren Criss, Debra Messing, Don Lemon and Jussie Smollett. 


*LOGO 2017 Trailblazer Honors airs June 23, 2017 8/9est

Come one, come all! To the Whispered Wish Carnival, where we’ll have games, shows, prizes, and more all for our treasured customers and guests. The real magic is in your wishes, and we’re here to grant them. Try your hand at any of our games, will luck be your lady, or perhaps you fancy yourself more dependent on strength? We’ll have arm wrestling, three cup shuffle, mockers wheel, and more! 

Of course what carnival would be complete without a show! Come see Xandaria, the strongest woman of the Wish, and watch as she effortlessly lifts courtesan and entertainer alike! Watch skill and danger compete as knives fly through the air, F’lynt Strider throwing them with expert grace and precision, the Wish’ own Star of the Stage Summer Song stock still as silver strikes true, and hopefully nowhere else… Of course, here at the Whispered Wish we’re all about making sure everyone has a good time, so if none of the prizes catch your eye, perhaps some of our courtesans will, with constantly running, constantly changing kissing booths! Just remember lads and ladies, hands above the counter!~

[[ Ward 9, plot 43 of The Goblet! 6PST, 9EST! ]]

Othardian P.S Forum - Thank you

We at Kasasagi and those of the Othard resistance LS would like to formally thank everyone who came to the first Othardian Preservation Society Forum. Not only was there great speakers, great rp, but also some awesome connections for the Resistance rp that will allow us to come up with some great Resistance centric rp events over the next two months leading up to Stormblood and beyond! We can do it without all of you!

A VERY special thank you to all our speakers.They took time out of their real lives to come up with open rp ideas and events as well as the speech they gave IC to everyone else today. For some twice, today. Without speakers and those who are willing to include others in their rp, and host events for rpers, this event would not have been. So thank you very very much to our speakers.

Soul of the Dragon Restaurant - Mists ward 5 plot 32,(Every Thursday 9EST!)

The Lanterns Way- Mist, ward 7, Apartment 73 for the dojo and 88 for the Apothecary.”

Clan Uragshi - Xeala Tribe L.S ( Dayuuqi Uragsh ,  Qurcaqi Uragshi  )

Igniting Dusk -  Smith Master of the Mountainfire Forge. 8th ward of the goblet, plot 14

Wihkah'ir Chemso- Ecclesia Innova. Boarding House. Waived fees for refugees doman or otherwise. Bar/lounge, library, teachers. Lavender Beds Ward 10 Plot:Plot 42

I know this is last minute but last nights unveiling of the sneak preview made it very clear that this is going to be a very important episode in Melinda May’s storyline….something we have been waiting on for years.

Because of this it’s critical we let the writers and the front runners know how important and INTERESTING she is as a character.

Please ESPECIALLY IF YOU KNOW ARE A NIESLEN FAMILY TUNE IN TONIGHT. An increase in ratings will send a great message to the writers to let them know the audience wants more May ! 

If you don’t live in the US or cannot watch either at around 9EST or PST or at some point today Tweet the words #AgentMay