Marble Hornets website update- 4/22

So the website updated to what it looked like a while ago, with a few changes.

Now, there are actually some bios available under the “Cast & Crew” page. There are bios available for Alex, Brian, Sarah, and Tim, and there are “coming soon!” notes under the headers for Jay and Seth. (There’s no bio header for Jessica or anything about her)

clicking “director sign-in” leads you to “marblehornets.com/unauthorized.html” which looks like what the website was not too ling ago; a black page that says “Pending investigation, this site is not available. If you have authorized access, please contact the admin at dscott3872@gmail.com ”.

/therearefootsteps still leads you to the page with the same gif and code, and adding /[anything else] to the url still shows you the error gif. However, now adding /welcome gives you a black page that says “please leave”

if you click the “please leave” text, it just leads you back to the homepage.

To my knowledge, that’s all that’s updated. There might be more, there might not. If anyone knows about any other updates, tell me and I’ll edit this post.


Here’s the Q&A from yesterday! Skip to about 48:28 for THE THING.

Tweet 44 Masterpost

So far, at least. Below I’ve collected the evidence in MH related to 44 and some of the theories. Keep watch of this, cause this one is gonna be updated a lot as more ideas/evidence surface.

Please keep in mind, I am going to be crossing through information that comes to seem irrelevant or incorrect as the puzzle deepens. I will not be deleting them as we could always be going down the wrong path, but feel free to skip them for the time being. 

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Ok guys, so I’ve been rewatching MH, and watching Entry 85, I found something somewhat interesting that may be of relevance

Channel 44. Now this may be the MH Brain causing me to over-analyze things, but it’s something to think about