Lost in Foundation?

America, America
Where did you go?

America of built states and melting pot of people
Now, what do you show?

Lost in creations
Lost in voices
Lost in choices

Furthermore, is your lost in foundation amounting?

99 to 1
Now there’s a division from where you started

Looked down upon the 1’s
So now the 99’s just keep counting

Are there secrets untold?
Should we keep holding on to later unfold?
Is this out of our control?
Should we not blame or scold?

Questions need answers
But most likely will not be told

Lost in Foundation?
Will there be progress to a continued “celebration”?
Who is winning? Are there any clear signs of communication?

Have the melting pot erased itself and created boundaries?
What is this new foundation that surrounds me?

Are we getting better with time?
Or should we stop looking at the calendar or clock?

I thought Today could be Yesterday too
But our “Lost in Foundation” has made me realize I should stop