99th day

Trump’s 100 days brings weakest economic growth in 3 years

  • In the first quarter of 2017, the American economy grew at the slowest rate in three years, rising at just 0.7%, thanks to weak consumer spending, Bloomberg reported Friday.
  • The news comes on the 99th day of Donald Trump’s presidency, which he promised would bring an economic boom and increased job production. However the economy grew at a slower pace than economists projected. Read more (4/28/17)

Trump has had the lowest approval ratings during his first 100 days of any president in the last 72 years

  • Since his inauguration, Trump has yet to break 50% in FiveThirtyEight’s summation of presidential approval rating polls.
  • He has hovered between a 40% and 45% approval rating since the beginning of February. Gallup, a longtime presidential pollster, pegged the president’s approval rating as low as 35% at the end of March.
  • Gallup has compiled all of its approval rating data going back to President Harry S. Truman. That data shows Trump has had the lowest approval ratings during his first 100 days of any president in the last 72 years. Read more (4/28/17)

After 100 days, is Trump “draining the swamp?”

  • One of Trump’s first executive orders kept a campaign promise of preventing former members of his administration from lobbying. Trump’s ban instated a lifetime ban on foreign lobbying and a five-year ban for all other lobbying.
  • The ban only applies to members of his administration and was full of loopholes. Less than 100 days into his presidency, Trump has already granted a waiver to the lobbying ban. Read more (4/28/17)

finlandia; a collection of music by (mostly) finnish composers. happy 99th independence day finland! may your next year be peaceful and bright. [8tracks / spotify]

i. finlandia, jean sibelius // ii. summer evening waltz, oskar merikanto // iii. castle park, timo forsström // iv. wedding march, toivo kuula // v. jäger march, jean sibelius // vi. sleeping beauty, erkki melartin // vii. karelia suite, jean sibelius // viii. maamme, fredrik pacius

A short list of things I heard while interviewing today:
– “On this day, 241 years ago, America gave Britain the best break up letter in history.”
– “It’s Captain America’s 99th birthday. Forget Independence day, it’s a national holiday just for that reason.”
– “There’s so many fireworks going off I could legitimately shoot someone and no one would be able to tell the difference.”

TURKEY, Çanakkale : A Turkish air force patroller flies during the ceremony celebrating the 99th anniversary of Anzac Day in Canakkale on April 24, 2014. A dawn ceremony on April 25 marks the time of the first landings of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) at the Gallipoli peninsula in the ill-fated Allied campaign to take the Dardanelles Strait from the Ottoman Empire. In the ensuing eight months of fighting, about 11,500 ANZAC troops were killed, fighting alongside British, Indian and French soldiers against losses Turks put down of some 86,000 soldiers. Every April, thousands of Australians and New Zealanders, many of them young backpackers, make the pilgrimage to the historic peninsula to commemorate the gruelling battle that was their first real test of World War One. AFP PHOTO / BULENT KILIC