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A conversation:

Me: Nina, look!

Nina: What’s that?

Me: Aji. She has saved pictures of me.

Nina: *laughs*

Me: Well, to be fair, I have saved pictures of her.

Nina: Feeling ko nga lesbian lovers na kayo eh. 

I am completely down with this.

You already send me inappropriate things on fb so

Monday was shite, Tuesday was a clusterfuck of emotions, and Wednesday is amazeballs

Nina and I met Aji today!

We talked about inappropriate things in public places, we fangirled, and Aji is taller than I expected her to be. I had to tilt my head up when speaking to her. 

And she brought me bread! 

And a drawing of the character she named after me! And I shall make a frame for it or something like that because it’s gorgeous. ugh proper grammar what is it

Our date was 27846876358943689274 times better than the last one I had. 

I didn’t go to my creepy prof’s class, I didn’t see the guy who was making me uncomfortable faster and better than can make me roses, and I experienced my first tumblr meet-up.

Happy day is happy.

EDIT: I took a pic of her while we dined but I don’t have the cord thingy so I can’t transfer pics from my phone to the pc. Derp.