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Restaurant workers at DISHES, an upscale midtown Manhattan deli, are standing up against wage theft and for safety and respect in the workplace.

99 Pickets and the Occupy Wall Street community are mobilizing in support of these courageous workers.

“Line clogging” is a fun, easy way to pressure a restaurant owner to negotiate with his employees.

More info about what’s happening at DISHES:

#99PKTS - Sneak peek at pickets on #MayDay! #M1GS #ows

Join us at 8am at Bryant Park to participate in one of the 99 pickets! Below is a partial list of the pickets planned for the day.

7 AM - 3 PM: Join the Laborers 79 at Savannah Partners – 1375 Broadway         

7 AM - 3 PM: Join the Laborers 79 at St. Giles Hotel – 120 East 38th St btw Park and Lexington  

8 - 9 AM: Join members of Legal Services of NYC fighting for a better contract – NYT Building, 620 8th Ave.

8 - 10 AM: Join Local 802 at Koch Brothers – Lincoln Center Plaza      

8 - 10 AM: Stop Post Office closures with Community-Labor United for Postal Jobs & Services! – James Farley Post Office, 421 8th Ave.

8:30 - 10:30 AM: Join members of the Newspaper Guild at McGraw Hill – 1221 6th Ave.  

8:30 - 9:30 AM: NYU Bobst Library – 70 Washington Square South      

9 - 11 AM: Strong Economy for All at Paulson Investment Co. – 1251 Ave of the Americas

9 - 10 AM: Join NYCC at Chase Bank – 270 Park Ave.                               

9 AM - 12 PM: Support Teamsters Local 814, locked out from Sotheby’s – 1334 York Ave at 72nd St.

10 - 11 AM: Join NYCC at Chase Branch – 401 Madison Ave.

11 AM - 1 PM: UFCW Local 1500 workers at Target – East 117th St., Harlem        

11 AM - 1 PM: Support NABET-CWA Local 16 workers at ABC – 66th and Columbus 

Immigrant Worker Justice Tour:

— 11:30 AM: Support the Laundry Workers Center – location TBA  

— 12:00 PM: Wells Fargo – location TBA

— 12:30 PM: Support Coalition of Immokalee Workers! Chipotle – 9 W 42nd St.              

— 1:30 - 2:30 PM: Support ROC-NY at Capital Grille – 155 E 42nd btw 3rd and Lexington

12 - 1:30 PM: Support members of CSEA AFSCME at Investment Banker Stephen Berger – 46th and Park Ave.

12 - 2 PM: Repeal Employer Sanctions with NMASS & IWJ – 26 Federal Plaza

1:30 - 4 PM: March with the Freelancers from Digital Media Companies – Madison Square Park (start) to Union Square (finish) 

3 - 4 PM: Support workers at Beth Israel with Workers United – 14th and Park

3 - 4 PM: Support workers at Strand Bookstore! – 828 Broadway        

7 PM: Support TWU fighting for a fair contract – MTA, 2 Broadway                      

8 - 10 PM: Support jazz musicians fighting for fair benefits – Washington Square Park (meet at the arch)

Emergency Picket Now!

If you have time RIGHT NOW, please come to 63rd street and Second Avenue Hot and Crusty location. A union-busing firm is sitting the workers down for a closed meeting and we are planning on picketing outside. They want to close the bakery for several hours to do this. Please join us if you’re anywhere in the area, we need your bodies!  The Laundry Workers Union need your solidarity!

99 Pickets in action—Come join in!

#99PKTS Leading up to #MayDay! Support workers fighting for better labor conditions! #ows

April 25, 8:30-10:30am, The Times Center, 242 West 41st Street, NYC.

NY Newspaper Guild, CWA Local 31001 members protest at the NY Times annual shareholder’s meeting.  Frozen pensions, compensation cuts of more than 10 percent, under-fund the medical plan – these are a few of Time’s Corporate Management’s Demands. A few weeks ago, the Guild asked a number of the paper’s journalists to sit down and talk on video about the negotiations, the issues important to them, and how they feel about working at the Times.  Watch the video here.


2) Demand Dignity at Darden!

April 25, 6-7pm, Capital Grille, Chrysler Center, 155 42nd St., between 3rd & Lexington.

ROC-NY will be having a demonstration with allies and workers, to keep up the pressure and demand dignity at Darden. We will show them that New Yorkers support fairness and dignity in the workplace. Our last action was a great success and was lots of fun. Let’s make this one even better!! Also, visit to the website www.DignityatDarden.org to sign our petition in demanding that Darden sit down with the workers to find real solutions to their claims.


3) Support SEIU 1199 Healthcare Workers!

April 25,  11:30am-2:00pm, Beth Emeth Homecare Service, 1080 McDonald Ave., Brooklyn NY.

Home healthcare workers will be picketing in protest of stalled contract negotiations and the possibility of their benefits being cut! Please come out and support these tireless, unappreciated healthcare workers who deserve better labor conditions.


4) Tell NFL Owner: Stop Mistreating Workers and Our Communities!

April 25, 9:30pm-12:30am, NW corner of 48th and Sixth Avenue (Rockefeller Center Subway).

April 26, 5-8pm, NW corner of 48th and Sixth Avenue (Rockefeller Center Subway).

How did billionaire Shahid Khan–the new owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars football team–make his fortune? Workers and community members from Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan who say they’ve been harmed by his company’s use of hexavalent chromium–the chemical made famous in the movie Erin Brockovich–are coming to New York to tell their story at the NFL Draft. Join them in leafleting and other actions to make sure that, as Mr. Khan steps onto the national stage, America hears the real story. http://www.facebook.com/events/375682042473083/


5) Support SEIU 1199 Healthcare Workers!

April 26, 11:30am-2:00pm, CABS Home Attendant & Housekeeping, 44 Varet St., Brooklyn NY.

Workers will be picketing over issues of management refusing to negotiate on what workers want in their contract. Please support them in their fight for better labor conditions!


6) Support the New York Taxi Workers Alliance!

April 26, 3:30 PM, March from Queens Medallion Leasing (21-03 44th Ave in Long Island City) to SLS Jet then Midtown Garage (just blocks away)

Taxi drivers are marching to demand an end to rampant lease overcharges and calling for the first fare raise in over eight years to ensure that taxi workers can earn a livable income and create a Health and Wellness Fund.

7) Friday Morning! Join AFL-CIO President Trumka in a Race to the Top

April 27, 10-11am, Atlas Media, 242 W. 36th St. (between 7th & 8th Ave.)

Writers and producers in nonfiction basic cable TV work long hours for low pay and no benefits. Hundreds of these employees have asked the Writers Guild of America, East to represent them. AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka will join WGAE officers and activists to urge one of the production companies to provide health benefits – to abandon the race to the bottom on wages and benefits, and instead to join the race to the top. RSVP: jmolito@wgaeast.org

8) Justice for Workers at Golden Farm!

April 28, 24-Hour Boycott and Picket, 329 Church Ave., Brooklyn NY

We will have a presence outside the store all day and night, but the main gathering will be from 12-5pm. We have a set of speakers lined up, music, activities and food, so come and bring as many people as you can. Let us know if you want to sign up for an hour of picketing. We will try to have at least 20 people at all times.

TONIGHT! Support @ROC_NY and workers, and demand an end to retaliation by Capital Grille. 6pm, 155 E 42nd. #99PKTS

Dear Friends,

The Restaurant Opportunities Center of New York (ROC-NY) invites you and any other supporters to come out on Wednesday, May 16th, from 6-7 PM, for an action in support of Capital Grille workers that are part of the Dignity at Darden campaign.

Our most recent actions against retaliation have sent a strong message to the company and energized the workers. So, let’s keep building!

Dignity at Darden is a nationwide workplace justice campaign launched by the Restaurant Opportunities Center United (ROC-United) involving Capital Grille workers in five cities. Darden, which owns the Capital Grille, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and more, is the largest full-service restaurant group in the world, and it claims to be a “leader” in the industry. However, workers have filed a class action lawsuit alleging wage theft and discrimination, and have sought to change other unfair working conditions.

For more information about the campaign, you can go to DignityAtDarden.org

Again, here are the details for the event: When: Wednesday,May 16th, 6-7 PM, Where:155 E 42nd Street (between 3rd Ave. and Lexington). In front of the Capital Grille, Chrysler Center

Your support is much appreciated, and will play an important role in the success of the campaign.

Please RSVP to john@rocyny.org

Richard Trumka Prez of the AFL-CIO Joins the 99 Pickets!!!

“These writers and producers are doing what workers have always done. They’re doing a great job in the TV industry, and now they’re joining together in a union to turn these jobs into great jobs with health care. I’m proud to stand with them,” Richard Trumka said.“If you consider a workplace fraught with violations of wage and hour laws, long hours, unfair pay and zero benefits to be a sweatshop, then any number of television production companies in New York City fit that bill,” said Lowell Peterson, Executive Director, Writers Guild of America, East. “Nonfiction is almost entirely non-union, but it will change as the WGAE continues to organize and bargain on behalf of writers and producers in this part of the industry. Creative professionals understand the importance of banding together to make their work lives better.”