99cent film


Sedona, AZ 

Exploring Sedona

My Friend Jeremy -Memories 200 Film

Among my usual hiking friends I’m usually the one sporting a camera besides the camera on the phone. However it was a very pleasant experience hiking with my friend Jeremy for he brings his digital SLR camera which i might add is an expensive piece of equipment to bring out into nature I feel we do subconsciously learn from each other’s styles of photography. Honestly as there are many things I can say about Jeremy’s photography I do enjoy the time he takes with each of his shots, almost like he is using a film camera. You can take multiple shots with digital but he is diligent with his work. 

-December 1, 2013

Sedona, AZ 

Chapel of the Holy Cross

Interesting Accident -Memories 200 Film

So I accidentally reeled my film to hard and it snapped from the cartridge cylinder but I was not certain. So I attempted to cover my camera with my jacket and tried to peek inside my camera if the film rolled in or not. To my dismay I accidentally let some light on the film. However after it got developed the shot came out like this which was a pleasant surprise. It kind of gives the spiritual feeling from within the Chapel. 

-December 2, 2013

Sedona, AZ 

Airport Mesa Lookout

First Shots in Sedona -Memories 200 Film

It was my first time in Sedona, actually my first time visiting the state of Arizona. The sun was waning down but I was able to quickly grab a couple of shots with my camera before the sun fully set. You can tell how I was quickly trying to see where to get a good shot at the same time the sun was setting pretty quickly. I combined two of my shots into one, it may have been just 10 minutes apart each shot. 

-November 29, 2013


Azusa, CA

Garcia Trail and Glendora Peak

A Trail now Closed-Kodak 400 Film

Took these shots before the fire that occurred throughout the mountains that has now closed this trail. I an glad I got a chance to do the trail and Glendora Peak before it closed. 

-December 6, 2013


Orange, CA

Santiago Oaks Regional Park Hike

Another Orange County Hike- Memories 200 Film

At this point I honestly thought we covered all the hikes that were worth seeing in northern Orange County. This was actually a pretty nice hike, its too bad we were not able to fully explore all the trails this day but we did have a late start. But it was also a great day because we did homemade shabu shabu right after. 

-February 13, 2014


La Canada Flintridge, CA

Cross Town Trail

Steep Steep Steep- Memories 200 Film

Garcia Trail is closed and this trail reminded me a bit of it. It was really steep and we took breaks before the bigger inclines. Especially after doing the other hike in Pasadena earlier this one just felt that much longer. 

-December 29, 2013

La Canada Flintridge, CA

Cross Town Trail

Theoramic on Cross Town Trail- Memories 200 Film

 I really enjoy taking this shots and stitching them. I just find it so interesting the shots are not taken too far apart in time but the angle, the sun, so many factors can change how the photos come out. 

-December 29, 2013


Altadena, CA

Echo Mountain to Inspiration Hike

Now I Want Sun- Memories 200 Film

It was cold, I was tired, and I just wanted to get a shot with just the right amount of light. It was testing my patience when the sun peeked in and out every few minutes.

- February 3, 2014


Sedona, AZ 

Cathedral Rock Hike

My Friend Beverly -Memories 200 Film

Its an interesting friendship with Beverly for we have been friends since college and see each other very sparingly now a days. However despite that when we do see each other we just pick up where we left off. 

-December 1, 2013