TERFs arguing that being trans is “forced” onto children is fucking laughable tbh like 99.9999% of the time it’s the exact opposite?? It’s not “OHOHO YOU’RE AFAB AND YOU LIKE TRUCKS?? OBVIOUSLY LETS GET YOU HRT AND SURGERY RIGHT NOW IMMEDIATELY” like that literally never happens that’s a ridiculous notion with literally no evidence backing it?? In fact most of the time trans people are forced to conform and be the gender assigned to them at birth, and have their identity and wishes belittled and invalidated. Also most trans children are forced to live uncomfortably or unable to describe how they feel until they’re older because there are literally no fucking accurate trans resources available to children?? Like unless you have the miracle of ending up with parents who aren’t transphobic and actually know a thing or two about trans people and experiences chances are you won’t even realize that you’re trans until later on.

Not to mention any steps towards transition is not only expensive but a pain in the ass as well?? In order to get hrt or surgery it takes thousands of dollars and months of doctors appointments and recommendations, like it’s not a snap your fingers and you’re done process, and there’s plenty of time for the person to think about whether it’s something they really want. The fact that TERFs talk about transition as if it’s an easy peasy process thats forced onto tiny trans children BEFORE they even hit fucking puberty goes to show how ignorant they are on trans experiences and how much of their rhetoric is based solely on misinformation and bigotry.

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do you have a list of your playlist ??

no sorry I don’t have a whole list written out but these are most of them on the playlist excluding bts tracks:

  1. 뻔하잖아 (YOU KNOW) (Feat. Okasian) - Jay Park
  2. 품행제로 (Conduct Zero) - BASTARZ 
  3. 예쁘잖아 - GIRIBOY (기리보이)
  4. I Used To (내가 이래) - Hanhae (한해)
  5. 하기나 해 (Just Do It) (Feat. Loco) - GRAY (그레이)
  6. 랑데뷰 (Rendezvous) - Sik-K
  7. Puzzle - 씨잼 (C Jamm), BewhY (비와이)
  8. 거북선 Remix 2 (feat. Huckleberry P, Reddy & Sway D) - Paloalto (팔로알토)
  9. So Faded (텅 빈) -  BEVY MACO
  10. 생각해 (Feat. 박재범) - 레디 (Reddy)
  11. 선글라스 (Feat. 9999 of 1%) - Kanto (칸토)
  12. ₩ & ONLY (Feat. 박재범) - Simon Dominic (사이먼 도미닉)
  13. 아름다워 (Beautiful) (feat. Zico) - C Jamm
  14. Tattoo (Feat. 박재범) - ELO
  15. 대기실 (Feat. 킬라그램) - 산체스
  16. BEEP (Prod. By 기리보이) (Feat. Crucial Star) - 샵건
  17. 먼지 (Dust) - Crush
  18. 자꾸 생각나 (Thinking About You)  - LOCO (로꼬)
  19. NICE 2 MEET U (Prod. By ZICO) (feat. 소야 (Soya)) - 마이티 마우스 (Mighty Mouth)
  20. 나 좀 봐 (LOOK AT ME) - 리더 (READER)
  21. Banned in the Motherland (feat. Jay Park, Simon D & G2) - Josh Pan & Dumbfoundead
  22. 마에스트로  (Maestro) - CHANGMO (창모)
  23. 너의 몸에 벤 (Feat. Beenzino) - Ven (벤)
  24. 못먹는 감 (Sour Grapes) - 산이 (San E) , 매드 클라운 (Mad Clown)
  25. Tough Cookie - ZICO (지코)  
  26. 야유회 (Feat. 지코 (ZICO) - Dynamic Duo (다이나믹듀오)
  27. 가고있어 - YELLA D (옐라디)
  28. Outro (어때) - DEAN
  29. Bad Vibes Only - Dok2 feat DEAN
  30. Body Lotion - SLEEP feat. Bang Yong Guk
  31. Same Boy - Crucial Star
  32. Forrest Gump - Paloalto
  33. Traveler - Louie 
  34. Between us - Babylon deat. Dok2
  35. Dust - Crush
  36. Do You - RM
  37. 농담 (Joke) - RM
  38. 1 VERSE - Jhope
  39. The 7th Sense - NCT U
  40. Trap - Henry feat. Kyuhyun & Taemin
  41. Me You - San E
  42. I Am You, You Are Me - Zico
  43. Bonnie & Clyde - DEAN
  44. 곤두세워 - 태리,킥솔,Dino.T
  45. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You - Crucial Star
  46. Lonely Animals (외로운 동물) - Mad Clown & San E
  47. 외로움은 손바닥 안에  - Mad Clown
  48. You Too (너도)  - Loco feat. Cha Cha Malone
  49. Better Man - Bumkey feat. Tablo
  50. 너의 몸에 벤 - Ven feat. Beenzino
  51. Toy - Block B
  52. Woo Ah - Crush
  53. 몸매 (MOMMAE) Feat.Ugly Duck - Jay Park
  54. The Truth Is - Jay Park
  55. In This Bitch - Jay Park
  56. Think - Reddy feat. Jay Park
  57. All I Wanna Do - Jay Park
  58. 호구 - Giriboy
  59. 성인 (Adult) - Giriboy
  60. D (Half Moon) - DEAN
  61. Pour Up - DEAN feat. Zico
  62. What2Do - DEAN
  63. I’m Not Sorry -  DEAN
  64. Foreign ~Korean~ - DEAN
  65. 일주일(247) - Junggigo feat. Zion.T , Crush , DEAN
  66. It’s Pretty - GIriboy
  67. Just Right - Got7
  68. Boys and Girls - Zico feat. Babylon
  69. 몸(BODY) - Mino
  70. GOOD (Feat. ELO) - LOCO (로꼬) GRAY (그레이) 
  71. Nowhere Feat. LOCO (로꼬)  - Sik-K (식케이) 
  72. Lonely(센 척) (Feat. Eddy Kim(에디킴) -  Kanto(칸토) 
  73. Agust D  - Agust D
  74. The Last - Agust D

1-9 notes: your post was seen
10-99 notes: your friends found your post good, possibly some of their friends too
100-999 notes: strangers in your broader circle find your post good, many people whose names you’ve never seen
1000-9999 notes: your post is popular and widely circulated in your subculture; it has circulated to people with wildly different worldviews who are still basically united by some interests
10000-99999 notes: people’s commentary on your post has started to become repetitive; people melt together into a samey mess; every possible misinterpretation of your post has happened a couple times
100000-999999 notes: your post is less and less seen as something written by you and more and more seen as “one of those things from the internet”. people openly talk about you in the notes as if your identity is a mystery, despite there being a link right there
1000000+ notes: people start to make pilgrimages to your blog to ask you if you are the source of the post; possibly someone writes an article on a news website about your post and how many notes it has


[wip teaser]

btw thanks to those who voiced out their opinions on the Candela pose! Option B was the most popular one && also people messaged/said that they felt that B looked more confident and ‘Valor-like’ so I went with it *_* Plus, it matched Blanche’s + Spark’s too ♥ I still liked A tho – maybe I’ll keep the pose for another artwork *o*

The year is 9999. Humanity is breaking down as all of the Earth’s once plentiful resources are dwindling, and somewhere, amidst all the chaos and wars, as humanity struggles to survive, is a working Windows 7 computer.

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*Takes curses soul and crushes it before he anyone could stop me and after I just run away 9999 times faster than the speed of light back into the anonymous world* CAN NEVER CATCH ME MADA FAKAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!