#999,976/1,000,000: Construction

Here’s an idea for Rockford’s leaders; wait a few years to do major construction repairs on bridges and roads, then, do it all at once before winter hits again while cutting off all logical connecting points between east and west Rockford- separated by a river.  FAIL. Go ahead let the leaders blame the state like they always do. Listen to them pass the buck.

Reasons why I, God, take no responsibility for the creation known as Rockford, IL, are again defined by the region’s inability to spread out the activity of #999,977, Construction, over a few months to years- so that people have work all the time, and that roads, and bridges, are maintained regularly.

It may be time for the peasants to get a boat, travel the river, do as Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer did… after all 70% of the planet I created is covered in water- not gravel.