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You've probably been asked this before but, what are your favorite automotive manufacturers and why?

Porsche is my favorite with BMW and Honda tied for second.  

Porsche is everything I like about cars and a brand built around Motorsports.  Porsche road cars existed to produce and were derived from Porsche Racecars.  The engine in the 1964 911 was the foundation for every successful Flat 6 Porsche engine used in racing up until the recent 997 GT3 RSR (that is still raced and competitive today).  You can walk into a Porsche dealership today and buy a LeMans level racecar as easily as you could a Cayenne.  

BMW makes (or made depending on who you talk to) the best all around cars.  They revolutionized the sports sedan and offered cars that did it all.  Luxury, style, and performance were offered in every car.  My M3 was a record setting car that had a full interior with everything functioning and seated 4 comfortably.  Not many cars can do that.  Much like Porsche they have a rich Motorsport background in all levels of Motorsport.

Honda does a lot with very little.  It isn’t difficult to make a sports car when you’re charging a lot of money for a car, however making a car that can act and feel like a racecar at the prices Honda offers is impressive.  They offered a FF economy car with a double wishbone suspension and variable valve timing at an incredible value during a time that most high end sports cars didn’t offer the same.  They’re also a very innovative company and have an excellent balance between economy and performance.