LESSER GREEN BROADBILL (Calyptomena caudacuta) ©Phil Liew - 996sps

By Request for “habitat of the green broadbill” (there’s also an African Green Broadbill in case this is the wrong bird :)

14 - 17cm. A plump, green bird with a short bill and a short tail.

  • Iridiscent green plumage
  • Yellow spot anteriorly above eye
  • Narrow pale eyering
  • Black spot behind ear-coverts
  • Broad black bars and patches on wing
  • Forehead tuft almost covers bill

Females are paler green, lack black markings and have a less pronounced forehead tuft.
Juveniles resemble females.

Found from southern Burma south to southwest Thailand, the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Borneo and adjacent islands. Locally common.

Found in understorey and lower levels of rainforest and mixed dipterocarp forest. Also found in overgrown plantations, rubber estates, cocoa plantations and timber plantations close to forest. Occurs mostly in lowlands.

Feeds on fruit, takes sometimes also invertebrates, particulary insects. A resident species with some movements related to seasonality of fruiting trees.

Fact Source: http://www.birdforum.net/opus/Lesser_Green_Broadbill

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