99.7 the point


Hey guys, sorry for the super long break but i have been super busy due to work and personal reason, but now i will be back to posting regularly, without further ado i present  to you my Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind EDH deck or what my playgroup like to call it “Top of the hinder priority list”

First thing i would like to say is that this a combo deck that rely heavily on Niv-Mizzet as a win condition. However there are other ways to win just in case your Niv-Mizzet gets tucked or get removed to many times.

Combo 1

Niv-Mizzet, The Firemind + Curiosity/ Ophidian Eye/ Tandem lookout +(Laboratory Maniac)/(Overblaze)

This is the bread and butter combo of the deck, Enchant/Soulbond any of this card on Niv-Mizzet and if you do it at the right time you can kill the whole table. Basically how the combo work is that whenever you draw a card Niv-Mizzet will deal 1 damage and if he is enchanted/soulbonded with either Curiosity/Ophidian Eye/Tamdem Lookouk whenever Niv-Mizzet deals damage you can draw a card, creating a loop in other word you turn the remaining cards in your deck into a point of damage and drawing a big chunk if not your whole deck.

You can make the combo more potent by casting Overblaze which doublethe damage dealt, the earliest i have assembled the combo in a 4 man free for all is on turn 7, which means 2(99-7-7-3) = 164 points of damage, which is more than enough to kill the whole table. Even better if you have Laboratory Maniac on the battlefield which just out right win you the game.

Please note that Ophidian eye and Curiosity you can stop the loop at any point of time because the card states “you may draw a card” however with Tandem Lookout you will have to draw your whole deck.

Combo 2

Rings of Brighthearth + Basalt Monolith + X spells

 This is a simple infinite colorless mana combo, When you activate Basalt Monolith’s untap ability, that triggers rings of brighthearth. If you have another 2 mana, you can pay for that, and it will untap basalt monolith. You can then tap basalt monlith between the rings trigger untap and the original untap, as well as after the original untap, generating 6 mana for a cost of 5 netting you an extra 1 colorless mana. With access to red mana you have many fireball effect at your disposal, my personal choice is Banefire and Invoke The Firemind, but if you wanna go old school i have Stroke Of Genius and Blue-Sun’s Zenith inside the deck forcing your opponent to draw their entire deck or again if Laboratory Maniac is in play just target yourself and win the game that way.

Combo 3

Heartless Hidetsugu + Overblaze/Dictate Of The Twin Gods.

There will be games where you just cant see yourself winning and you have Heartless Hidetsugu with Overblaze or Dictate Of the Twin Gods in your hand. If you can’t win my advice to you is take everyone down with you. Cast your Hidetsugu give him a new shiny pair of Greaves or Boots and proceed to blow shit up.

Final Thoughts

Again as usual how you want to build the rest of the deck is up to you, i have see dragon tribal, izzet control and iozzet burn. For me i run lots of draw/Scry cards to assemble the combo as soon as possible, i have a total of about 8 counterspell to protect the combo and afe stealy face cards like Sower of temptation, Bribery and Control Magic for you know borrowing cards ^^ and of course this deck relies heavily on artifact for any form of ramp. If your looking for a fast and clean combo deck Niv-Mizzet might just be your man/dragon.