99.7 summer splash

Just got home from the Summer Splash concert..


I had sooo much fun, unlike the 1D concert. I mean, the 1D concert was amazing, seriously better than any other concerts BUT I was too busy taking pictures and recording videos to post on my blog to enjoy the whole thing. This concert tho, I didn’t take any pictures at all. I just enjoyed the whole thing and danced around like  a crazy ass bitch. It was amazing.

Austin Mahone.
I’ve waited for sooo long to finally see him in person. I used to do these crazy things just to get people to check him out on youtube before he had millions of viewers. I was ecstatic to see him. When he came out, I was expecting to lose my voice but I found myself clapping and crying instead of screaming. I’m so proud of him, I can’t believe he’s touring now. About a year or so ago, he was just my little star singing in his bedroom and goofing about with Alex. I’m proud and couldn’t be happier.

Cher Lloyd.
She’s just this cute little doll. She’s very sweet and a great performer, too. I was dancing my ass off and singing along. She’s small and pretty, she’s too cute for words!

The rest.
Sean, Chris, and Marina. They were all amazing. I really enjoyed Sean’s performance, it was so fun and full of clapping and bouncing. Chris was amazing, of course. Great lyrics, I love him. Marina.. she’s got the voice but I can’t say I like her music. Her voice is amazing, that’s for sure BUT her songs.. I just don’t dig ‘em.

All in all, I had SOOOOO much fun but dead by the end of the day.