99 years ago

In 2015, Lida Xing was visiting a market in northern Myanmar when a salesman brought out a piece of amber about the size of a pink rubber eraser. Inside, he could see a couple of ancient ants and a fuzzy brown tuft that the salesman said was a plant.

As soon as Xing saw it, he knew it wasn’t a plant. It was the delicate, feathered tail of a tiny dinosaur.

“I have studied paleontology for more than 10 years and have been interested in dinosaurs for more than 30 years. But I never expected we could find a dinosaur in amber. This may be the coolest find in my life,” says Xing, a paleontologist at China University of Geosciences in Beijing. “The feathers on the tail are so dense and regular, this is really wonderful.”

He persuaded the Dexu Institute of Palaeontology to buy the artifact.

After analyzing the delicate tail, Xing and his colleagues in China, the U.K. and Canada now have an idea of what type of dinosaur it is, and of the evolutionary clues it holds. Their research was published Thursday in the journal Current Biology.

They say that 99 million years ago, a baby dinosaur about the size of a sparrow got stuck in tree sap and never made it out. Had the young dinosaur had a more auspicious day, it would have grown up to be a little smaller than an ostrich.

Baby Dinosaur’s 99-Million-Year-Old Tail, Encased In Amber, Surfaces In Myanmar

Photo: Ryan McKellar/Royal Saskatchewan Museum
Caption: A baby dinosaur’s tail is encased in amber along with ants, a beetle and plant fragments.

May 12, 1916: Irish revolutionary James Connolly was executed by British imperialism for his role in leading the Easter Uprising. 

99 years ago today James Connolly was executed by British Army firing squad. We remember him in our struggle for a truly independent Republic that cherishes all of our people.

‘A great crowd had gathered outside of Kilmainham

Their heads all uncovered, they knelt to the ground.

For inside that grim prison

Lay a great Irish soldier

His life for his country about to lay down.

He went to his death like a true son of Ireland

The firing party he bravely did face

Then the order rang out: Present arms and fire

James Connolly fell into a ready-made grave

The black flag was hoisted, the cruel deed was over

Gone was the man who loved Ireland so well

There was many a sad heart in Dublin that morning

When they murdered James Connolly-. the Irish rebel’

Via Sinn Féin - Republican Youth


“I think the hardest part
of losing someone isn’t
having to say goodbye,
but rather to learn to live
without them. Always
trying to fill the void,
the emptiness that’s
left inside your heart
when they go.” ♡


I really wish that the universe shouldn’t have decided this type of ending for two young bright men. With dreams ahead of them. One was to become a marine and the other was to be a computer engineer. Dreams that never became a reality. They cried for help, but no one listened. Now they’re being blamed. Their families couldn’t grieve when they first heard the news of the loss of their sons and brothers. For fear of being judged. Tom and Sue Klebold lost their youngest son. Their sunshine boy. Byron lost his younger brother. Now Byron’s kid(s) won’t ever get to meet their uncle. They won’t ever get to see that happy, playful side of Dylan. Or see his beautiful smile. Now all we have are stories about Dyl, and the memories his family decided to share with us. Wayne, Kathy, and Kevin also lost a son and a brother. I know that Eric was a loving and caring person behind what we got to see. Eric, I’m so sorry for the things you went through in your life. I wouldn’t have left you out of fun things. I would’ve been that friend that listened to the things you wanted to vent about and would’ve done everything in my power to help you. There was more to you. I’m also sorry for the pain you endured. Eric, wherever you are, I hope you’re happy now, finally free. I miss you so much. Dylan, I miss you as well. You and Eric were beautiful souls. Rest In Peace to Eric David Harris and Dylan Bennet Klebold. You both deserved better than what you got during your brief time here. ♡ You’re both missed and loved boys.


Do not stand on my grave and weep
I am not there. I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sun on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning’s hush I am the swift uplifting rush.
Of quiet birds in circled flight,
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand on my grave and cry.
I did not die.

Damn, she’s hot

Summery: You’ve been taken hostage and Bucky has a mission where your being held.

Word Count: 1,300+

Warnings: Themes of torture, death, guns, heights(idk if this is a trigger).

A/N: So this is my largest one shot so far, idea and proof reading from  @helllaellla AKA biggest cutie pie ever. Its kind of fluff, idk what it is really. *gif not mine. 

Key: Italics are Bucky’s thoughts. Speech with brackets are Russian (I don’t speak Russian and didn’t want to use google translate).

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The mission was simple. Get in the building, get the information and get out. No unnecessary deaths and all hostages saved. Since Bucky knew the complex he was obviously Fury’s first choice, but Steve and Natasha were on standby.

‘You ready, James?’ Natasha called out from the cockpit. Bucky looked down at the vast white of Siberia and sighed.

‘As ready as I’ll ever be, Natalia!’ He shouted back. He looked over his shoulder at Steve who offered him a hopeful smile.

Despite being a supersoldier and master assassin Bucky was afraid of heights (he did die falling of a moving train). But he knew the mission had to be completed and he was best equipped for it. So he swallowed his fear and jumped out of the jet that was circling his target.

‘Okay, Barnes. Wait to open your parachute, we don’t want them spotting you’ Bucky could hear Maria’s voice through his earpiece. Modern technology is amazing. ‘3-2-1. Now!’

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by Samsaran

99 million years ago this baby bird hatched and was covered with resin from the tree where its nest lay. The resin turned to amber and the form of the bird remained encased within.

Now, what is significant about this? We see the form of a creature which lived long ago. Yes. This is significant because it is here and the other birds of its era are not.  Where have they gone? They lived, they died and their bodies disintegrated and the atoms they were made of became other beings.


Where are Socrates, Julius Caesar, Charlemagne,  Napoleon, and Voltaire? They lived, died and their bodies fell apart and became other things. Where are they now?


It is not just this way with living beings either. Whatever is composed of more than one thing will eventually decompose into its component parts. Where is Cleopatra’s hair brush? Where is the knife with which Brutus stabbed Caesar? Where is the pen Thomas Jefferson used when penning the Declaration of Independence?


“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.”

– Anglican Book of Common Prayer

Charge of the Welsh Division at Mametz Wood, 11 July 1916 (99 years ago today) by Christopher Williams c. 1918.

“The 38th (Welsh) Division drive back the German army, trampling over the livid corpses of soldiers in their frenzy. Christopher Williams’s close up and nightmareish depiction of desperate and chaotic hand-to-hand combat recreates one of the most controversial offensives of the Battle of the Somme – the Capture of Mametz Wood.

Approaching the mile-long woodland across an open hillside, the Welsh battalions – mostly members of Kitchener’s new volunteer Army - walked straight into the machine gun fire of the professional German soldiers entrenched on the perimeter. During an intense five-day battle, 4,000 soldiers of the 38th Division were killed or wounded. The Division did not return to major action for over a year.

Williams, a pacifist, was not an official war artist, but was given the commission for this painting by the Secretary of State for War (later Prime Minister) David Lloyd George, who called him ‘one of the most gifted of all Welsh artists.’ The completed work hung for a while at no. 10 Downing Street. He was given permission to visit the battle site, where he made preparatory sketches and got soldiers who had taken part in the action to pose for him. (He was also briefly arrested, having been mistaken for a German spy).

This huge and graphic painting, which leaves little to the imagination, greatly shocked the public who first saw it on display.”

i know this is a dark hour worldwide — i feel it too — but i’m so much happier now than i was a year ago. and i want to hold onto that.

  • a year ago i was discovering anne carson, and figuring out that i can write more than one poem a year and actually like my work
  • a year ago i was crying about the wonder woman trailer and couldn’t believe i’d have to wait a year to see it and not even know if it would be a good movie
  • a year ago i hadn’t verbally come out as biromantic to my best friend
  • a year ago i hadn’t seen very much brooklyn 99??
  • a year ago i hadn’t read any star wars novels with mara jade
  • a year ago i hadn’t even met the girl who would rec me sarah ruden’s book paul among the people, which made me feel so loved
  • a year ago i hadn’t written 63k new words of a novel
  • a year ago i didn’t have a batman ace ring for my own quiet personal pride needs
  • a year ago i’d never been bi bowling
  • a year ago i didn’t care what i did after graduation and now i’m all excited (and scared!) to get my degree in library science
  • a year ago i had never been in an anglican church, or spoken through liturgy, or worn an ash cross, or had wine in communion
  • a year ago i had only seen the atlantic ocean once 

Born this day 99 years ago.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Lieutenant of the United States Navy, member of US House of representatives from Massachusetts 11th district, United States Senator from Massachusetts, 35th president of the United States of America

Icon of style, a man who wanted to bring peace earth, wanted to make the world a better place, discover the world and space


Planned Parenthood Turns 99 Today!!

Ninety-nine years ago — when a majority American women and families were struggling to access basic health care — the country’s first birth control clinic opened in Brooklyn. Back then, even distributing information about contraception was illegal — but it was sorely needed. And 99 years later, that clinic has grown into the Planned Parenthood of today: A family of health centers serving 2.7 million people every year, a network of educators reaching 1.5 million people a year, and a grassroots political movement that has stood up to attacks on reproductive health — and continues to stand strong.

Throughout that time, Planned Parenthood has been part of and witness to so many historic milestones in the fight for reproductive rights.

Here are just 10 memorable moments from those 99 years.

As we look back on our past, we’re even more excited about what’s happening right now and our vision for the future. We invite you to be a part of that future RIGHT NOW. Join our movement.

Take action to stand with Planned Parenthood.


Black Hammer #12

Jeff Lemire (W/Variant cover), David Rubín (A/Cover), and Dave Stewart (Variant cover colors)
On sale Aug 23 • FC, 32 pages • $3.99 • Ongoing
Twenty years ago, Joseph Weber became the Black Hammer. Ten years ago, Lucy Weber lost her father when he defeated Anti-God, saving Spiral City and the world. Two years ago, Lucy started looking for him. And she found more than she ever expected.
Ether’s David Rubín returns for another special issue of Black Hammer!
“I didn’t think something could be thrilling and sad at the same time but now there’s Black Hammer proving me wrong. Amazing. Just flat-out amazing.”—Patton Oswalt

dahmersaquarium  asked:

1, 14, 54, 99!

1: Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed? 

Always closed!! 

14: Do you ever dance even if theres no music playing?

Nop, i really can’t dance, not even with music playing. Well, when i’m alone in the dark with my headphones… 

54: Ever eat a pierogi?

Yeees, it was like five years ago. 

99: Do you miss anyone right now?

I guess i miss my old friends because we used to have fun but one day i realized that they didn’t really liked me, it’s sad because nobody likes me when i’m dressed up so i gave up friendships. 

Thanks for asking me!! ❤