99 procent

ID #79403

Name: Tessa
Age: 18
Country: The Netherlands

To the outside wordl, I am very social, I have many friends. Although I mostly stay at home. (I do invite my friends to come over) People often think I am really secure about myself, and that part is true. So, embrace yourself, because this ego is coming your way!
People also think I study a lot, but I actually procastinate 99% procent of the time people think I am studying.

What many people don’t know about me is that I think a different way than many people do. I recently found out I have synesthesia. Synesthesia is when you combine colors with words, letters, days, feelings. Not like angry is red, like in comics etc. Angry is yellow for me. The feeling of thinking another way than most of society gives me pleasure. It’s nice to know my mind is different. I’ll give you another example of my mind being different. I think a lot about conspiracy theories. My mind wanders off in class and I make up my own conspiracy theories about everything.
I can also say aloud the alphabet backwords without hesitation. If you didn’t notice yet, I love talking about myself and my interests.
Some of my hobbies:
-watching tv series (favorites now are: supernatural & Death Note. I watch a lot of other shows too, like jane the virgin, orphan black, ouat. Tvd, doctor who, the originals, and many many more.)
I am open for talking aboit tv series, but I probably forget everything that happens in tv series and the character names.
- films (my favorite genre is horror, but all the other genres will do. I like films in general)
- cuddling with my dog
- hating sports
- writing stories (mostly fantasy)
- forgetting things
- being funny
- trying to be sarcastic, but failing miserably
- watching youtube (only buzzfeed & dan and phil. I’m open for suggestions, but I might not listen to them.)
- memes

Next year I’ll be in my last year of (high school?? I dont know what its called) and in 2018 i’ll probably start university. I want to study forensic psychology and maybe work in a prison or a forensic psychiatric hospital.

Well i am sorry for the long text. I hope you liked it and liked me! Thats more important.

Preferences: - Preferably (is that correct?) someone between 16 and 20.
- someone who can bare my ego and can take offensive jokes about everything
- Any country will do.
- someone who is not afraid to be honest!! This is the most important one. I don’t like my butt kissed. Just be honest with me

To jedyny człowiek jakiego znam, który 99 procent mózgu używa do strojenia sobie żartów, a 1 by nie zapomnieć o oddychaniu.
—  Igła o  Michale Winiarskim