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Meant - James Potter x Reader (Lily Evans x Reader)

Request: Hey! Can you write an imagine in which the marauders help one of them (it’s your choice who) to get a date with the reader and she thinks that they are just making fun, until she realise what’s going on and a lil shook because they’re so blind; she tells them “dude, i’m gay” and they are all like “oh now is obvious”
Warnings: My English, language (it’s me, lol) and um… idk. Kind of hurting James and Lily dating a girl? I don’t know guys =) Gifs aren’t mine. Credits to their original owners.
Word Count~ 1.5k
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So you liked girls. Big deal! Guess what? Girls could like girls just like boys. You were more than okay with that. You had accepted that fact when you were very little- everyone was asking you if you liked that boy with the baby blue eyes or the other one with the dark hair when you really just liked the fierce little girl with the untamed hair and the piercing eyes. However, you kept quiet. You were afraid that your parents wouldn’t take it very well, but most importantly that your girl friends would think that you were hitting on them.
Once you were accepted into Hogwarts, you were definitely sure that you liked girls. It was safe to say that a certain red-haired Muggle-born had your attention. She was kind and very sweet from the first encounter. Her beautiful green eyes were twinkling with excitement.
Over the course of years, you finally came out to your parents. It was the summer before your sixth year and you couldn’t keep it a secret any longer (and frankly, you didn’t want to). You were never a coward and you didn’t believe that your sexual orientation was problematic. Love was love, no matter what.
Your parents freaked out, in the beginning, but they quickly reassured you that they didn’t care who you love as long as you were happy. You could see that they were hesitant but it was going to be alright.
Things got really confusing once the school year began. From day one, you became the center of the Marauders’ attention- which was disturbing. You were acquittances, not exactly friends but you would still talk and share a laugh with them. However, things got a bit different this year.
You had established a very strong friendship with Lily and Marlene; Alice and her almost ethereal existence; Mary and her too sweet smile. The five of you were really close-until you realized that you were a bit in love with Lily-just like James. You did believe that at some point she would cave into his ridiculous flirt- the boy was so extra. The only other problem was that you hadn’t told them- well, not all of them, that was- that you liked girls in fear that they would stop talking to you-oh, and the fact that you were about 99 percent certain that Lily liked guys. Other than that… great.
Something strange must have happened because James wasn’t fawning over Lily (or Lily-pad, as he called her and infuriated her). He was glancing at you over and over again. You thought that he just played it cool and tried to be seen as a bit more laid back. Maybe he even did it to make Lily jealous. Well, that wasn’t working because Lily didn’t even glance at his direction. She couldn’t care less – at least that was what her demeanor was implying.
You caught James looking at you more times than you could count. Maybe he was just joking- yeah, that must be it. You never told anyone about your preferences but you had never dated a guy before… so, it could be pretty obvious- especially if someone was paying attention. You really couldn’t believe that they hadn’t learned about you and Marlene.
It was more of a one (okay, five) time thing. Marlene was a bit drunk the first time that she leaned and kissed you-you pulled away because she had just broken up with Sirius and she was a mess. She apologized and didn’t mention the incident for about two months- until she just walked into the dorm (thankfully, you were the only one there) and just pinned you down, kissing you feverishly. She wanted to know why she was drawn to you. Well, she did find out- she was bisexual. You told her about your secret too. It didn’t last because you both wanted other people- she was still in love with Sirius and you well… you were crushing very, very badly on Lily-again.
It had been almost a month after you had returned to Hogwarts and in that month, you would always come face to face with James. It was like, he was exactly where you were. Was he following you? Nah… right?!
You started questioning that once he started flirting with you. You found it hilarious – you did reassure Lily that you didn’t like him; you gave her heads up, as a ‘friend’. She seemed relieved and your heart was beating faster until Potter interrupted.
“Hello, love. You look extraordinarily beautiful today. Are you tired, though?” he told you ‘seductively’. As if. He was good-looking, yes but you weren’t attracted to him. You took a moment to realize what he had said.
“Um, thanks? And no, why?” you asked curiously as you furrowed your eyebrows. He just shrugged as he plopped down next to you.
“Because you were wide awake in my dreams, doll” he said casually as your brows shot up and you almost snorted. You wanted to answer something to that but you couldn’t find the proper words. Something between ‘shut up’ and ‘I like Lily, back off’. But you stayed silent as you gave Lily an apologizing look-she just scoffed. Great. ‘Thank you, Potter’ you thought bitterly. 

Things like that had continued to happen for over a month. You really thought he was joking after a while, so you joked back.
“Hello there, dollface. Slept well?” he greeted you. You smiled warmly as you took a sip of your black tea.
“Good morning, handsome. Well, it could have been better” you cooed and winked at him. You saw the small movement under the table- Sirius and James high five.
And it hit you. He wasn’t joking. You suddenly stiffened as you felt Lily’s eyes burning holes. Was she mad became she liked him and he was flirting with you or because she liked you and… oh, no.
The day was really tough. Lily refused to talk to you and James wouldn’t leave you alone. You had enough. You were currently in the common room – it was the end of this horrifying day and it was late. You had just sat down by the fire when the Marauders came in and they (Sirius and James, really) were all over you. Again.  Lily came down as well because she wanted to apologize but she froze once he saw James a little too close to you for her liking.
‘Just my luck’ you thought.
“So, babydoll…” James began and you rolled your eyes to the pet name. Lily was a tad mad. Why did he get to call you that?
“Wanna go out with me? On a date?” he finally breathed out, not so sure of himself anymore. You were thrown off. It was one thing to joke around and even flirt- that was okay with you- and it was completely another to ask you out. You didn’t know whether to laugh or take him seriously. You decided to ease the rejection.
“That’s what you’ve been doing almost three months now?” you asked all of them. They nodded excitedly- if they only knew.
“We were trying to get Prongs here, a date with you. You just seemed like you could hit it off together” Sirius answered overly hyperactive. You had to tell them- but Lily was there. Screw it.
“Um, guys. I’m gay” you sheepishly told them. They were shocked, to say the least. As was Lily. She couldn’t believe that she hadn’t made a move…
“Well, that makes sense now” Remus said kindly and offered you a warm smile that you returned. If someone knew how it felt to be an outcast, that was him. He liked you, no matter your orientation. As a friend, of course.
“Wait, you mean… you like girls?” James asked as his cheeks were pink. You nodded, not trusting your voice enough to use it.
“That’s hot” Sirius commented and you snorted. Of course.
“I’m sorry James. You look like a nice guy, though” you tried to smooth the pain. He stared at you for a second but before he could answer, Lily found the courage to do what she wanted to for quite some time.
She walked right over you and gave you a playful look- you thought you might faint.
“So… about that date? You and me? Hogsmeade, this weekend?” she asked you, trying not to blush and failing miserably. You couldn’t help but to actually stop thinking. Did she just ask you out? You blinked a couple of times before smiling and whispering a soft ‘I would love to’.
“COME ON” James cried in agony and betrayal, because really, the two girls he liked, had a date with each other. Even Remus laughed at his friend.
Lily slipped her hand in your and intertwined your fingers together. You knew that you should be laughing as well, but your heart was hammering in your chest. It was playing a happy sequence as you were staring into her green eyes – and for once, they were looking at you the exact way you wanted them to.  

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