99 f

  • Hawthorne: Hey, Fitzgerald, I’m sorry for making fun of you in front of everyone. And also for making fun of you behind your back.
  • Fitzgerald: Didn’t know you did that, but thanks for the apology.
  • Hawthorne: I’m not done. Also, I’m sorry for making fun of you during my bible discussion. Those people don’t even know you. That was uncool.

A list with my top 11 before the show starts :)

1. Park Jihoon 99 Maroo B/center
2. Yu Seonho 02 Cube F
3. Joo Haknyeon 99 F
—4. Han Jongyeon 98 Maroo A
5. Lai Guan lin 01 Cube F
6. Huang Justin 02 Yuehua D
—7. Ha Minho 98 C
8. Lee Daehwi 01 Brand New Music A/center

  • Jimin: Why is everyone staring at me?
  • Amber: You just called Eric "Dad". You said, "Thanks, Dad."
  • Jimin: What? No, I didn't.
  • Eric: Do you see me as a father figure, Jimin?
  • Jimin: No, if anything I see you as a bother figure, 'cause you're always bothering me.
  • Kevin: Hey! Show your father some respect.

Imma call this the “Y'all best not sleep on this haul” haul
Was able to finesse thanks to my mom’s purse which is actually perfect for lifting✨✨✨

Fr33man peel off mask - $7.99
P@cif!ca rice br!ght exfoliant paste - $14.00
Nÿx @ngel v3il primer - $15.99
T00 Fâc3d candlel!ght gl0w highlighter - $30.00
M@ybell!n3 c0l0r tattoo eyeshadow - $6.99
T00 F@c3d p3ach gl0w highlight palette - $42.00
M@ybell!e błu$hed nud3s palette - $9.99

TOTAL $126.96

Since writing my dissertation on architectures role in the economy and following the Occupy / The 99% movements I still cannot believe the fundamental problems with global economies still have not been addressed. For anyone else interested, this video explains quickly and simply why we are in the mess…


  • Montparnasse: Sure hope I won't sprain my arm during a robbery, cause I'm gonna be opening up a lot of doors for Jehan on our date. Oh yeah, I'm gonna be a gentleman!
  • Enjolras: What are you doing, Parnasse?
  • Montparnasse: Trash talking you, while simultaneously proving that I will be respectful of your friend. It's a tough line to walk!