99 cent stores

How to dress store bought candles.

For those of you that don’t make your own candles you can still do something a little special for the store bought ones.

I get my 7 day candles from the 99cent store. Before using them for any spell work you need to make sure that you clean and cleanse them. I like to make a solution of salt, water and lemon essential oil spray it on a cloth and clean the glass and the top of the candle. This part is extremely important. You don’t want some 99 cent store workers energy on the candle not forgetting all the 100′s of people that might have picked it up and put it back :-p 

The candles that I made today are to be used on my altar for Hekate. This candle is pretty basic. If I was doing a spell candle I would write names, actions or something like that on the glass.

Remember, while you are dressing your candle concentrate on your intention for the candle. Thinking about what you’re gonna cook for dinner while making it will tarnish the affect.

What you need

  • Candles
  • Oils (I’m using homemade Hekate oil)
  • Screw or stick (For the holes)
  • Herbs
  • Cotton swab

Step one

Clean your candles and tools

Step Two

Take the screw or stick and pierce holes into the top of the candle. I use a pretty big screw so that I can go all the way down to the bottom of the candle.

Step Three 

Use a dropper to put one drop of oil into the hole. Then use the cotton swab to spread the oil through-out by dipping it in the hole. 

*If you don’t have a dropper you can cover the tip of the cotton swab and coat the inside that way*

*When working with oils, Less is more. The first time I ever used oil on a candle I covered the top with tons of it and it set on fire lol. So be careful!!!*

Step Four

Place small amounts of your chosen herbs over the holes and then use the cotton swab to push them inside. You can add as much of the herbs as you wish, it’s just easier to push down if you do small amounts at a time. I have in the past put small chip crystals down the holes too.

*Some witches add a layer of herbs to the top of the candle. I don’t do that with these ones because I leave them burning for a while and I don’t want the herbs to catch fire while I’m in another room*

Step Five

Once you have finished your candle it’s time to activate it. Some people write a spell or a blessing to say as they light it. Others say their intent for the candle out loud. Find the right way for you.

For this candle I say a little prayer (that I wrote) to Hekate and let her know that these candles are dedicated to her.

Thank you for reading

Brighest Blessings



Please fire me.  I think we all know working retail sucks, with rude customers and high expectations when you’re just one person.  But when you’re desperate enough to work at Dollar Tree of all places, you know it’s bad.  (And yes, you “funny” customer, everything IS INDEED a fucking dollar.)

My job description is basically “cashier first, stocker second”.  But apparently no one told me I was also a janitor, a babysitter, a shrink, and the brains behind the manager who can’t think for himself half the time.  Okay fine, I’ll clean up your crap that you’re too lazy to put back in its original spot that’s two feet away from you.  Fine, I’ll watch your kid for a moment if you need to use the restroom.  I’ll listen if you really want to tell me about the shitty day you’ve been having prior to coming to my register.  Okay manager, I’ll handle the customer for a few minutes while you back me up on the register.

However, if you’re going to take all the shit from the party aisle and shove it into the empty cavity on the shelf specifically made for bread, get out of my store.  If your child won’t listen to me after I’ve told them 4 times to stop pulling the balloons out of the corral, you need to put your child on a leash.  If you’re going to blame me for your shitty day and take all your frustration out on me, then I WILL make myself the reason you’re not in control of your own damn life.  And manager, for the love of whatever you believe in, do your fucking job as a manager and not talk to your wife about moving to Florida in *certain time frame*; stop bullshitting on the side-lines and help me on the register when I need it.

Don’t argue with me over something coming out to $1.06 because you didn’t think to bring change with you for tax.  Don’t argue with me when I say we only do exchanges and that I am not authorized to do full refunds.  And especially don’t argue with me when your card declines and you don’t carry cash.

And I swear, if you come into my store, and I have a small line of two people, and you want a new line to open because you woke up late for work and you’re too damn impatient to purchase a single bottle of water, I will gladly step away from my register to hand you an application so you can ring up your own fucking water, you impatient, sweaty, suit-and-tie dickweed.

edgy twenty something white girl with transparent skin and 00 pants size, she sells decapitated barbie head earrings and ‘03 trucker dad apparel in her bigcartel or depop named “gothgirl2007”. you can often find her sporting leather pants and dog collars, if you’re lucky you’ll get to see her copying a design from a black girl’s tumblr onto the canvas bag she found in the parking lot of the 99 cent store. her instagram is filled with unexplainable photos, 85% of them with the flash on, she calls her Bf ‘papi’ and uploads videos of them making out with bloody noses and captions it “love hurts :’^(”.



This is my favorite look to date, I don’t know how we found this amazing ally but I am so thankful and obsessed with how this spread came out.

I’m finally featuring these lace up thigh high boots that I got for xmas. I have been wearing them so much, even when I shouldn’t, like when it’s at a rainy and muddy music festival or it’s Wednesday morning and I’m working postmates🙃… sometimes I just like to dress up for no reason at all. The hoodie is instant tomboy paired with the girly tights and boots. + the purse, choker and hoops bring the tomboy glamgirl styles together. I love how it all works in a weird way and lets me feel boyish & badass & girly & sexy all at the same time.

Hoodie : Walmart
Fishnets : thrifted (new in packaging)
Lace-Up Thigh High Boots : Gift (EBay)
Hair Clips : 99 cents store
Purse : Just Fab (Online)
Belt Choker : Thrift DIY

Castiel fic, time for a wedding!

summary: y/n’s step sister is having a wedding and y/n has no one to go with

pairing: Castiel x reader

warnings: cursing and a bitchy step sister

A/N: I don’t know how I feel about this one… also sorry if your name is Rose! You can replace her name with another garden flower

Originally posted by danandplatonicphil

“Oh yeah I can totally make it to the wedding! Yeah, no I’m not busy. You know what? I’ll even bring my super hot boyfriend,” Y/n nodded her head, (although her bitchy “sister” couldn’t see) she was on the phone to her bride to be step sister. “Oh yeah cause you totally have a boyfriend!,” this angered Y/n. Rose was a bratty young girl. She thought she had it all; a soon to be husband, a massive house, a dog, “good” looks. “Oh you’ll see,” Y/n said before ending the call.

The truth is Y/n hadn’t been in a real relationship in 5 years. Ever since she became a hunter she was too busy for that nonsense. But she’ll need someone to bring to that wedding, and that wasn’t going to be Sam or Dean. They were too busy saving people and hunting things (the family business).

So that left lil’ old Castiel. Who Y/n admits does think about starting a relationship with, although he is an angel of the lord and things might get a bit bumpy but, he was her only shot at getting back at her sister for all those years of bullying Rose had inflicted upon her. So the baby in a trench coat it was!

Y/n waddled into the bunker library, all three boys were sitting around a table discussing a possible vampire hunt. “Are you sure Dean it could be a- oh hey Y/n! Thought you were gonna sit this one out?”, Y/n took a seat beside Dean. “Oh no I am I just needed to talk to Castiel” The angel seemed confused, “Why would you need to talk to me?” Y/n smiled and stared at the blue eyed angel. “I uh- have a little problem that I thought you could help me with?” Cas seemed alarmed, “What is it?” Y/n stared dreamily at the beautiful angel then blinked a few times, “Oh it’s just I have a wedding to go to and I was wondering…..”

I do not understand the concept of marriage,” Castiel said in his deep, sexy voice- “Y/n?” “ huh?” “You were staring at me,” Y/n looked around her trying to hide her embarrassment. 

“Oh Y/n so glad you came!” Rose seemed overly excited to see Y/n. Y/n looked the bride up and down. Ew she thought where did she get that dress? the 99 cent store?  “Is this the boyfriend you were talking about on the phone last night?” Y/n glanced up at Castiel he seemed distracted by the people around him. “Oh yeah, this is Castiel he works with some friends of mine” “You have friends?” Rose laughed at her own joke. “I don’t understand why you’re laughing, Y/n has more friends who love and support her, not that you would ever know how that feels,” the bride gasped and Y/n smirked. “I’m pretty sure your “husband” is cheating on you with your bestie Kelly over there.” Y/n added, Rose glanced over at her new husband to see him in mid make-out session with a red headed girl. 

Rose stormed off in tears. “Ok, that was awesome! High five!” Y/n put her hand in the air waiting for Cas. Cas looked up at the girl’s hand and slowly placed his own on her and locked their fingers together. “And now we’re holding hands, isn’t that nice?” Castiel pulled the human towards his chest and placed is other hand on her waist. They swayed to the rhythm of the slow song that was playing. “How did you know that the groom was having an affair with another woman?” Castiel asked Y/n. “Well let’s just say that George isn’t a loyal type. I’ve seen him on numerous occasions flirting with many woman in the past year that they were dating, Rose always thought he was ‘the one’ but we all knew it wouldn’t last.” Castiel spun Y/n and pulled her even closer to him than before.

“I must say out of all of my fathers creations you and peanut butter and jelly (jam) sandwiches are my favourite.” Y/n smiled, “I appreciate your honesty Castiel.” The angel placed his hands on either side of Y/n’s face and leaned in…

“Y/N! Wake up!” Dean shouted while banging on the bedroom door.                                


smaul maull haul

Lifted VS Boughten

I was too afraid to steal some of the things since it’s been a while since my last lifted… well anything even chapstick or something small.
not pictured: birthday card from the 99 cent store: boughten

🌿✨Lifted total:42.86
🌿✨Boughten Total:66.36

Stores Hit:

♡ Nordstrom Rack
♡Forever 21
♡Hot Topic
♡Ulta (Chickened Out)

 Yes, that last pair of socks in my first picture still has the tag on! I had so much anxiety that I rushed through in the dressing room and nearly got caught on my first time out. I need to be more careful and wake up!!! Not happy about it. Luckily it didn’t beep, but it could have… also I don’t have a hook or magnet yet so it’s staying there for a while :/

Also, last pic is my new lifting bag i’ll be using. It has those flaps so it doesnt completely zip, I’ll be able to steal lipstick or something small without having to open my bag at all/much. Very happy about it. :)