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missgumiho98 asked:

You want suggestions. :) Maybe It be Zayn,Harry and perrie love triangle :) Or Eleanor and perrie be sister and they are love zayn :)

I like the Zayn/Harry/Perrie love triangle :P I’ll see what I can do with that :D

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Karate 3D - CD-ROM - Learn The Secrets Of The Martial Arts - Runs On Windows 95, 98, 98SE, ME


In this Karate game, beat your opponent by hitting him repeatedly. This may sound easy, but you must be observant in order to strike at the right moment without lowering your guard. Your life level drops quickly and victory can elude you. Play with a friend or alone against the computer for hours of unbridled “mawachi”. Karate 3D One on One, Man to Man, No Weapons. Thousands of years ago, during China’s Hong Dynasty, the Emperor’s security force – sworn to protect him with their very lives – invented a deadly and weaponless art of defence: Karate – meaning “empty hand”. This form of martial art has evolved through the centuries, growing ever more deadly. Now it’s your turn. Do you have the will to master your own body and Chi? It’s fight or flight – and there’s nowhere to run! Features: · Real-time 3D game play with multiple camera angles and skill levels. · Start as a white-belt student and fight your way to the prized black-belt championship! · Realistic fighting motion. · 3D graphics card support. · Instant fight replays. · One or two-player modes. · Customizable controls. Are you tough enough to fight your opponents?

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