Detective Conan 989 Spoilers [English Translation]

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  • D: Gimme a break, officer…
  • D: We didn’t start fire at Urushibara’s tent!
  • D: As I remember, before the tent caught on fire…
  • D: We did go visit Urushibara after he retired to his tent…
  • D: But he didn’t answer us, right?
  • A: We knew that Urushibara was inside the tent due to the shadow of him doing squats…
  • A: But we couldn’t get in, and it’s impossible to start the fire from the outside…
  • M: His tent’s zipper was closed all the way to the very bottom…
  • M: And it even was locked with a key, right?
  • [Conan noticed the truth behind the fire death thanks to Wakasa-sensei’s hint!!]

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Early Detective Conan File 989 spoilers and File 990 speculations

After reading @yesyunniechan ‘s translated pages from Detective Conan File 989, concluding the camping fire case, I have a few reactions.

First, Haibara. What a quick change of heart ! At first she suspected Wakasa Rumi to be a bad guy, possibly Rum themselves, her BO-radar was all over the place and now she asks Conan not to bother her ? And that she trusts her ? I guess that Rumi saving Ayumi from a criminal was a factor but still. Either the character has softened too much or it is a vital clue that Rumi isn’t a threat (something that might have been obvious to many fans but still).

The reaction of the criminal is also strange. We don’t have the full context of what happened but I can guess Rumi went full-on action woman and and attacked the criminal to save Ayumi (an assumption that gets confirmed by the subsequent pages). We know that Rumi gets very violent and blood-thirsty when it gets to beat-up bad guys. Maybe it’s the first time Conan can genuinely see that side of Rumi in action. Haibara’s protective behaviour is all more weird.

And what does Rumi keep in her back pocket ? A piece of paper ? A memento ? For once I feel invested, even if elements of the Rum arc feel like remakes of previous stories.

In my mind, it’s pretty obvious Rumi isn’t Rum. Not subtle enough. But I am now completely convinced that she was ASACA, the bodyguard from the Haneda Kouji case who disappeared after the events. He combat skills and aggressiveness could fit that theory. Plus, being a bodyguard is dangerous. She could have injured her right eye while protecting her boss. But that would mean that Conan and Okiya were wrong in their deduction that ASACA= RUM.That is the one major flaw in my argumentation.

As for Kuroda, we don’t see a lot of him in the spoiler images but he says something interesting. He seems to insist on the fact that he helped saving Ayumi in order to avoid him and Yuminaga being dismissed. That is a very suspicious thing to say, and it’s even more strange that he says it out loud. Either it is a form of humility, humor, or fake insensitivity. But that would mean Kuroda doesn’t want us readers to think he has a noble soul. That seems a bit forced. So I guess it is a way to say that he would be dishonored if something bad happened to a child in his custody. But again, that puts the emphasis on the fact he finds his current job to be important. We know that, if Kuroda is RUM, there is no better position for a second-in-command of a criminal organisation than being the head of the main city’s police department.

I don’t know. I want Kuroda to be Rum but it might also be too good to be true. As long as Rum doesn’t turn out to be the rabbit-toothed cook, I’m satisfied.

And onwards to the future, the announcement for File 990, that will come out in two weeks. It mentions a swordsman. When it comes to swordsmen in Detective Conan, the most obvious choice is Hattori Heiji, since he plays Kendo. But there is someone else. An acquaintance of Heiji; Okita Sushi. He is a Shinichi doppelganger from Kyoto, who is also Heiji’s rival in kendo. He NEVER appeared in Detective Conan outside of references.

In a recent interview, people asked Gosho Aoyama if Okita Sushi would make a return (or more like an actual appearance) in DC. Aoyama stayed ambiguous as always but said that if that’s what the audience wants, maybe so !

Since manga scenarios are directly influenced by editors who in turn are influenced by what they think the readers want, maybe, just maybe, the Shinichi look-alike Kendo rival from Osaka may be there in File 990 !

FYI: the upcoming Detective Conan manga schedule

Today, the spoilers for File 989 came out and among other things, it was revealed that File 990 will be released in Shonen Sunday #17/2017, meaning  that there will be a two week break between 989 and 990, making the schedule look like this:

March, 1: File 989 (Shonen Sunday #14/2017)
March, 8: Break (Shonen Sunday #15/2017)
March, 15: Break (Shonen Sunday #16/2017
March, 22: File 990 (Shonen Sunday #17/2017)

Creepypasta #989: Fun Facts for Kids! The Fifty Nifty United States

Length: Medium

Alabama: The 96th president, Pyrope Vesuvian, was assembled in Alabama, the first president to be engineered from various body parts of previous presidents.

Alaska: The sun never rises in the winter because there is a giant standing in front of it. The giant is so tall that its head reaches into the stars. It was the first to see the black ships that originated from those stars.

Arizona: The state reptile of Arizona is the Time-Traveling Basilisk Lizard. They run so fast they arrive before they left! The army is using them to travel back in time and figure out where the war went wrong.

California: The highest point in the state is God’s Obsidian Watchtower, rising 440 feet above the ocean where California sank after the first weapon detonated.

Delaware: The first state admitted to the union. The first state to host an enemy ship. The first state to boldly kill that unearthly ambassador and declare war.

Hawaii: Did you know there are no snakes in Hawaii? They were all recruited by the army. All citizens must fight, even snakes. Their armor is the eggshells of extinct birds; their spears are the severed stingers of deadly jellyfish.

Idaho: Has more ghost towns than any state. These towns are inhabited by a quarter million ghosts, who outnumber living residents 12 to 1.

Kansas: Contains the world’s largest grain elevator, where President Vesuvian hid the nuclear weapons that the invaders eventually used against us.

Maine: It is the closest state to Europe and Africa. If you stand on the seashore and look east, you can see the two continents that accepted the offer of “peace” and “friendship”, dooming themselves to the possibility of subjugation by these extraterrestrial foes. Only the United States had the courage to declare war. Stay far away from Maine.

New Mexico: This state is always on fire. It was set aflame as a burnt offering to God, to purify the land, in hopes that one day He would accept the offering, and would finally rise from his sanctified throne to bestow victory upon us. Amen.

North Dakota: This state’s wide-open prairies were transformed into the world’s largest children’s cemetery. Instead of headstones, the tiny corpses are encased in amber, and line the lonely roads as a monument to what we have lost.

Utah: This state’s sparkling white salt flats provided bricks for the Holy Salt Temple, the safest place to be during an air strike. The enemies are deathly afraid of salt and supermassive structures.

Wyoming: Did you know that Wyoming is the least densely populated state? That means more room to build a prison so large it can hold all citizens who oppose the war. All Americans must support the war. All Americans must fight the war; even you, little one! This is the last remaining nation on Earth to defy and resist the invaders’ impending takeover of the minds of humanity. Dissenters are indistinguishable from those whose brains have been commandeered. They must be imprisoned.

Credits to: cold__cocoon

Και αν ποτε νιωσεις οτι πονας, φυγε. Μην κατσεις να ζητιανεψεις ενα ψιχουλο που θα σου δωσει λιγη δυναμη ακομα. Φυγε. Δε ζοριζουμε κανεναν για να μεινει εδω. Ουτε για να μας κανει καλα. Ουτε για να μας αγαπα.

Hogwarts Houses (Chocobros)

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, even though it’s a pretty stock post to make as a headcanon blog. I was also initially going to do the ones for the Girls first but I found it easier to get the bros done before them. Also please feel free to chat with me about any of these.

Sidenote: I’m taking the other media (in this case Brotherhood) into account as well.

Gryffindor. A common sorting for him, I’ve seen it often. The biggest reason I say so is how much he matures by the end of the game and how he’s prepared to carry out what his destiny requires of him. Nothing braver than that. Before that though, we can see it even in Brotherhood where he has an almost brash way of looking at life. The way he lashed out at Ignis in the anime comes off very much like an immature Gryffindor to me. There’s also how he used to sneak away from the castle when he was younger, which indicates he has an adventurous side to him too. And I think it’d be fair game to say that putting up with everyone reminding him how his father will die someday (as in having to be King someday) by those around him can be considered another sign of bravery.  His character also seems to dislike the restrictions that come with being a Prince and Gryffindors are typically free birds. A favourite of mine is how he was willing to cover for Iris when he knew Gladio would be absolutely livid over her running away. Standing up for others is very Gryffindor.

Gryffindor. I don’t think this one is too surprising, since I’ve seen others sort him into Gryffindor too. To elaborate on my reasons though, he’s a lot like a Neville!Gryffindor than a typical Gryffindor. He has this hidden inner strength that shows in times of duress, for those who’ve finished the game you can understand why I say that. He’s also pretty courageous, when looking at how he found a way to keep going even when he was miserable as a child. And looking at his childhood further, he seems to have a proactive and determined attitude. And I say this in terms of how he focused on losing weight, and  becoming more sociable so he could befriend Noctis. Or, in terms of how he was prepared to stick by Noctis’ side no matter how tough it got. Showing that he’s also very loyal. And while that’s a very Hufflepuff trait as well, his other qualities tell me Gryffindor is where he belongs. Most importantly though, Gryffindors like to stand up in the face of what’s wrong and I think that’s one reason for why Prompto continues to stay by the other bros’ side. Because he wants some kind of justice for what happened to Insomnia.

Hufflepuff. I was going back and forth on whether he was a Slytherin or Ravenclaw but I settled on Hufflepuff. It seems odd, I’m sure since the common consensus is Ravenclaw for Ignis. but let’s look into it. Hufflepuffs are generally loyal and hardworking. These two qualities initially had me peg Gladio for a ‘Puff but the more I thought about it the more it applies to Ignis. Staying by Noctis’ side and making the effort to get him to take life more seriously is a big deal. He’s dedicated his life to Noctis and grooming him, with the latter task being pretty demanding. Hufflepuffs are big on common sense and words over actions in times of conflict, and even though Ignis fights in the game, you can probably see in his characterisation that if he has the chance to, he’d rather not fight. He’s also pretty selfless and cares about the well being of the team. The way he cooks for everyone and even in gameplay I’d say his Regroup ability is reflective of this. The dedication and group-centric focus he shows tells me he’s a Hufflepuff.

Slytherin. I haven’t see this sorting often, so to some it may seem odd. But Slytherin is a good fit for Gladio. One Slytherin trait that sticks out to me as pointedly Gladio is a deep rooted respect for tradition. Being an Amicitia is very important in the Lucian Royal Court and we see that Gladio has fully embraced the role this involves. Never once does he shirk his duty as the King’s Shield. His loyalty can be considered a trait that puts him in either Gryffindor or Hufflepuff, but in his case the loyalty is a result of the importance he gives the Amicitia’s duty. Not to say that he doesn’t care beyond that, to me personally it just looks like that’s where his sense of loyalty stems from. He seems to also have great social skills (as noted by Prompto) and the fact that he doesn’t seem to resort to violence immediately (as shown by him taking a hit for Noctis and getting that scar), while still being prepared to raise his sword if need be, also owe to why I sort him this way. Slytherins also tend to be resourceful, and I’d be willing to say that can be tied into his Survival skill. All in all I think the strongest aspect to this sorting is how he values tradition. Take that away and his sorting would be different.