Red Wing - 犬標復刻#9871 in Gold Russet “Sequoia” leather.

此雙犬標復刻為2011年秋冬於日本市場獨家上市,連同6吋方頭的9875以及Pecos 9866一起發售,也由於Red Wing台北旗艦店於2012年3月成立時,正式引進台灣。此鞋款特別之處在於全新考究的皮革色,以求忠實復刻Irish Setter獵犬標之由來,並搭配上1954年犬標的配置,採用未註明產地的側影針織標。另外,在鋼印部分,亦以"RED WING"字樣,取代90年代後的商標鋼印。

照片中的鞋款是鞋主人於台北旗艦店開幕同年的6月購入,也可以看得出來他本身是一位重機騎士(左腳鞋面的打擋痕跡)。期間,多半是利用Red Wing Leather Cleaner搭配Boot Cream(Neutral)進行皮面的保養,忠實的保留穿著的歷史感,並維持皮革的健康。

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trying to decide what do for my 16th birthday

me: maybe we could go on a hot air balloon ride or get a physcic or something stupid like that

mom: you know what i did on my 16th brithday?

me: what?

mom: i found out i was pregnant with your sister and spent the entire day trying to figure out how to tell your grandparents

The thing that worries me most about Paris’ situation, is wondering how she’s going to come back from this. If you’ve ever read the comments on a picture, video or twitter post about her, you know how absolutely cruel some people are. I KNOW this is just going to give those assholes more fodder, I wonder if she’ll just quit social media all together. It might be the best option, for her own sake.