You know that tire screeching coz it’s braking too hard sound effect? That’s the exact sound that went off in my head.

Are people really saying that? Like are they really saying that?! The only way for her to be balanced is to have A/sami there with her? That sounds a lot like that sentiment that “your significant other completes you.” LOL BYE, you are already brought into this world complete. You do not need to find validation within yourself by bringing another person on board. Korra was already fine by herself. She was already complete. She balances herself out.

A/sami did nothing to improve that and the fact that people think that Korra needs A/sami there to “soften her edges” or “balance her out” or whatever the fuck they’re saying is so aggravating; it’s demeaning to Korra’s character arc.They don’t fucking love Korra; they don’t care about her.

Reason number 98374 why this fandom does not fucking deserve Korra.