Elevate Your Voice

Abortion? Abortion! Abortion. is a participatory exhibition of personal abortion stories submitted by YOU. Help me fill a gallery with a visual representation of the women (and men) behind 1 in 3. Abortion stigma has kept us silent as self-righteous politicians and anti-abortion extremists have chipped away at reproductive rights. Let’s UNITE our voices, ERASE the stigma, and RECLAIM our right to abortion without restrictions. Let’s reframe the narrative and affirm abortion as the social good that it is.

To include your voice, mail a postcard with your story to Abortion? Abortion! Abortion. | PO Box 20476 | Seattle, WA | 98102. All postcards received will be exhibited publicly.

Share this with your friends. Share this with your mom and grandma. The more postcards submitted, the louder our collective voice.